Claireabella and Typography of Love from Toxic Fox

I think I have definitely been a good girl this year and managed to get myself onto Santa's Nice List, as I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of items from Toxic Fox. 

Toxic Fox have just launched their new look Christmas Gifts section which you can check out here and if you need inspiration, then you can check out their gift guide videos to help you decide on what to buy for your loved ones. 

The site is really easy to use, especially when it comes to ordering personalised items (ones I will be talking about later in this post) and gives you instructions every step of the way so that you can make sure the present you are buying is perfect before going through to checkout to purchase it. Both the Claireabella and Typography of Love ranges can be personalised to suit and I was sent out an item from each range to review and give my thoughts on. 

Now I'm sure everyone of you know about Claireabella and their gorgeous bags. Those award winning, super cute jute bags, that are made to order by ClaireaBella artists here in the UK, and can be personalised with you hair and eye colours, your clothing style and your name. 

Well, did you know that they also did a huge range of other gifts too? Well they do!

I asked for a gorgeous phone case, one that I had my eye on for a while, and got to design it just for me. The Claireabella Protective Phone Case retails at £24.99 and is available for the following handsets:

  • iPhone 3, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c and iPhone 6 
  • Blackberry 9900, 9700 and 8520 
  • Samsung SII, SIII, S4, S5, S3 Mini and S4 Mini 
  • HTC Desire

And for me this was perfect as I have the iPhone 4s and so I got straight to work figuring out what design, colour etc I would like to have on it. The website takes you through all the personalisation options one at a time until the case is made unique for you. I went with the options:
  • Outfit: precious cargo
  • Hair: long
  • Colour: blonde
  • Eyes: blue
  • Skin tone: light
  • Name: Michaela 
  • Phone case colour: pink
  • Phone style: iPhone 4s

I was so excited to see that they had a style with a pregnant figure, the precious cargo one, which I obviously picked as it meant that it is totally suitable for me at the moment. The phone case itself is of superior quality. You can tell that very great detail has been put into making it an eye catching phone accessory. It comes with the Claireabella so you know it's an official product of theirs, and it just exudes style and cuteness. I really love showing it off every time I get my phone out!

I have seen these sorts of wall prints before and loved how the words fit together to make a picture. The Baby Boy Gloss Frame is perfect for a newborn or Christening gift for the little one in your life or for family, friends etc. 

Again, you get to personalise the writing, just for you, or the person you are gifting to and their are many styles to choose from, but since I am pregnant, I decided to go fr the Baby Boy Gloss Frame and personalise it for when bump arrives. 

You can choose between a black or white frame, I went for white and then you need to list upto 10 words that you want included into the writing. The first of these usually being a name, family name, something of prominent meaning that will be central and bigger than the other words. Our main one was bumps name, which, for the purposes of not wanting to tell people before he is born, has been blurred out on the pictures. (The writing was perfect but I blurred as I believe that the baby should learn his name before the whole of the internet). 

So, the other 9 words I went for, were:
  • Little Brother
  • Newborn
  • Family
  • Cuddles
  • Britton
  • Precious
  • Love
  • Baby
  • Happiness

And, as you can see from the photos, it came out looking stunning. Measuring 13" by 13", and priced at £39.99, my little bump has a totally unique, gorgeous piece of wall art, made just for him. 

The fabulous Baby Boy gloss framed print has the print of a pram, blue for a boy, and a little baby sat inside, it is finished with delicate adhesive gems and stunning sparkly diamant├ęs that will shimmer and sparkle in the light, catching the eye of many admirers.

It is something that my little baby boy will be able to cherish for years to come, truly stunning!

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with both items, as they are superb quality and are exactly what I ask for when it came to the personalisation, and Toxic Fox themselves who were fab to work with and very helpful along the way.

If you decide that you want to order a couple of items from the website, then you're in luck, as the lovely people from over at Toxic Fox are giving my readers 10% off any order you make from their site. Just simply use the code: TFBlog at the checkout for the discount to be applied. 


  1. what lovely cute stuff!

  2. I love the writing on these... so beautiful for the home :)

  3. Anonymous14:13

    lovely especially like the phone covers

    caroline watson

  4. I love the phone cases, I will have to get one each for my daughters! :)