34 Week Pregnancy Update

Okay, I'm a few days early with this weeks update, but since I had my foetal assessment scan today, I thought I'd update you all with how it went. 

First of all, let me remind you why I had to go. 

I've always measured 3 weeks ahead of my dates until last week when I went to the midwife and was measuring on my date exactly, which, for my measurements, meant that I was then 3 weeks behind where I had normally been and should have stayed on that same line all the way through my pregnancy. 

So, bubs wasn't exactly measuring small, but he was measuring less than usual and so I had to come in for a scan. 

My scan went quick and, even though I was there for a serious reason, it was nice to get a quick peek of our little boy before he arrives. 

The sonographer did all the measurements, weight etc and then let us know that bubs was totally fine. He is weighing around 5lb 1oz which is perfect for my dates and she said that he looks totally fine in there. We got to see him opening his mouth and giving what looked like a smile, it is was cute to watch him playing with his toes and seeing how he moves about in the limited  space. 

Afterwards, I saw the midwife and she said that there were no concerns at all and then we were on our way. 

So, bubs is fine and we got a sneaky peek at him, only around 6 weeks left and we'll get to meet him. 


  1. glad all went well for you, my 2nd daughter was born at 37 weeks and weighed only 5lb 5oz so I have additional scans myself in my current pregnancy

  2. Anonymous17:53

    So glad to hear that you and your baby is ok. It must have been a worrying time for you

  3. aww glad to hear baby boy is well.

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  5. Anonymous12:57

    Oh, it's so sweet)) I can't wait the time when we'll decide to make a baby. I want it so much! I do really want become mother already. I think there is something magical in that time when you are pregnant. Wonderful and magical. But at first I need to end up with Everything About Discussion Board, and only then think about children