33 Week Pregnancy Update

At this stage, baby should weigh around 4lb's. I've always known that this is a bit off with my baby though as he has always measured 3 weeks ahead. Nothing to worry about really as he always followed that line of being 3 weeks ahead. Well, until now that is...

This week I got to see the midwife again. All was going well until she measured my bump. It is now measuring dead on my dates, which, although is a normal weight, it means that my bump hasn't grown and stayed on the growth line as expected. Until I'm due, I should follow the growth chart and always be around 3 weeks ahead, so since I'm now lagging behind, I'm being sent for a growth scan to make sure everything is okay in there. 

This is just routine and will everything will probably be fine, but it's better to be safe and have a scan, just in case. Plus, it means that I get a sneaky extra peek at bump before he arrives. 

I, of course, will update you all about this as soon as I've had my scan. 

When you think about it though, 4lb doesn't seem a lot when you look like the size of a bump. But, don't forget, it's not just a baby in there. With the weight of the placenta, amniotic fluid, and extra blood, you've got at least 10 pounds of baby and their life-support gear crammed in there which is why the bump starts to feel so heavy now at this stage.

For me, braxton hicks are playing up loads. I know that people say they are 'practice contractions' but come on, I've done this twice before. I don't need practice! Contractions are fairy common in the later stages of pregnancy and it's only when they become close together and regular that you need to be getting ready for your arrival. 

I'll be doing an update next week to let you all know how my growth scan went, and by then, I'll be 34 weeks pregnant then, wow, not long left!

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  1. Good luck with the growth scan! I have 2 coming up myself as my girls have been very small, im sure all will be fine x


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