Ultimate English Confectionery

When someone emails me and asks if I would like to try a Yorkshire brand of confectionery, I have mixed emotions, one of, oh yeah, it will be great to support a Yorkshire brand and the other part of me thinks, mmmm sweets, give me them here haha, so obviously, I said yes!

Ultimate English are a traditional business producing confectionery from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, not too far from us. They have spent 150 years crafting and refining their confectionery to make it the best it can be, all done by hand.  

From fudge to honeycomb, there is a lot of choice to pick from and I couldn't wait to see what we received, keeping my fingers crossed for honeycomb and cashew crunch as they sounded like something that I would love and I wasn't disappointed when our parcel turned up.

Incredibly Fantastic Salted Cashew Crunch
Packed with the finest quality cashews, The toffee is super moreish and the salted taste is the ultimate indulgence and just gives it that kick of extra flavour. 

Simply Marvellous All Butter Fudge
This soft and creamy luxury butter fudge is made with an extravagant 16% butter recipe to deliver a rich, smooth texture and has a caramel kick to it. 

Astoundingly Brilliant Honeycomb Nuggets 
Made with a luxurious coating of Belgian chocolate, this heavenly honeycomb is whisked for extra crunchy lightness, then broken by hand. A yummy, crunchy, moreish treat. 

Astonishingly Delicious Salt Water Chocolate Truffle Fudge
By combining the all butter fudge with the highest quality Belgian chocolate, Ultimate English have created a stunning fudge that is so lovely and the salt water flavour just lifts it to even higher pleasures. 

For me, my favourite was the Salted Cashew Crunch as it was just bursting with flavour. I would have liked to have tired the Honeycomb Nugget but I was too late as my husband and sons enjoyed eating the whole pack between them. 

I love fudge and like how they have taken a traditionally English sweet and given it a quirky twist to create an awesome new flavour. A flavour that has gone magnificently well, topping off our home-made flapjack.

We simply made our flapjack and then 15 minutes before it was due to come out of the oven, cut up some pieces of the Salt Water Chocolate Truffle Fudge and place them around the top. When the flapjack was finished cooking, the fudge had melted into it giving a scrumptious extra flavour which was simply stunning to eat.  

Overall, I was so pleased with the confectionery and the yummy flavours that they included. The range is only available in local farm shops and delis across Yorkshire at the moment and has recently been awarded a gold star by the folks at Great Taste.

For more information, visit the Ultimate English website


  1. Pam Francis Gregory10:16

    The look so lovely!

  2. these sounds so yummy, especially the cashew crunch

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    Love the look of Astonishingly Delicious Salt Water Chocolate Truffle Fudge

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