Something Special - Mr Tumble's Alphabet

With Charlie still struggling with his talking and undergoing speech therapy, any toy that will help teach about language is a big plus. Especially ones that include games to keep children interested in learning. 

Mr Tumble's Alphabet is an interactive phonics game which has 8 great games to learn all about letters, alphabet and word recognition whilst having fun with Mr Tumble. There are 26 chunky backlit keys with colourful Something Special illustrations and sounds, which offer a great way to discover new words, sounds and spelling.

Packed with fun and challenging activities that captivate and enlighten play time whilst your child discovers colours, numbers, objects and a lot more with the game modes which includes, match, find a picture, answer a riddle etc, all things that will keep young children playing and learning. 

Not only that but children will love hearing Justin ask them questions and guiding them through the games as he is someone that, no doubt, every child loves and watches on television and so can associate with him whilst playing.

With lights and sounds, Mr Tumble from Something Special makes learning the alphabet and phonics easy and fun. Every time you press a button, it, it lights up and explains the letter, colour, word associated which is great as children copy this and start to learn about how words look and sound.

Charlie loves playing with the Mr Tumble's Alphabet toy and joining in with it, saying what Mr Tumble says after he's finished. It's great to see him saying new words and getting a better vocabulary as he's playing. 

And if that wasn't enough, the Mr Tumble's Alphabet toy has been awarded 2 silver medals from Loved By Parents, for being the best interactive toy for ages 3-6 years and the best electronic toy for 3-6 years also so that shows just how good it is. 

Overall, this is a fantastic toy that is fun and educational and children will enjoy for time to come. Check out the KD UK website to find out more about their ranges.


  1. Pam Francis Gregory19:42

    Looks great & is a fantastic idea!

  2. my 8 year old used to love Mr Tumble there was no merchandise for the show then, great to see them bringing out a few toys

  3. My poor brother can't stand Mr Tumble.... his three little girls watch constantly and it drives him insane, bless him! He's not my favourite character I admit :p