1 November 2014

Our Halloween Adventures

I am such a big kid at heart. I love anything that is remotely childish an love nothing more than the big dates on the calendar, you know, Halloween and Christmas. They are my favourite times of the year. 

On Halloween this year, streamers, banners, signs, pumpkins and spooky lights adorn our house, a great spectacular to witness. A caldron full of goodies for trick or treaters and me in a scary mask to finish it off. 

The boys love it also, we had a bit of a hit and miss day to start off with. Daddy wasn't at home, hasn't been for most of the holidays (boo!) and so I took the boys to a local play centre to run off some steam. It was all fun and games until Charlie decided to have a fight with a chair and lost. Ending up with a deep cut above his lip and a further cut inside his mouth. Not that he was bothered. I was panicking at the blood and he just wanted to go and play. 

Home time came and the boys finally got into their costumes. Both being scary skeletons. Although Thomas had a mask to wear, I tried out a bit of face paint in him beforehand which he loved. 

We live on a small estate and had agreed with the boys that we would take them around a few of the houses trick or treating which the enjoyed doing. Knock, knock, knock! Trick or treat?!

Getting home, the boys looked through their haul of sweeties and had a couple of them to munch on too. To say we only went to a few houses, they managed to get a good amount of sweets and chocolate!

The boys both fell to sleep early after their busy day and I am so happy to see them doing what children do best, having fun!

Did you dress up for Halloween?


  1. I have mixed emotions on Halloween, I think its great for the younger kids going dressed up with their parents, what I don't like is the teenagers knocking on doors especially of older people who would probably find it intimidating.

    1. I totally understand what you mean. We were lucky this year as we only had younger children coming round trick or treating. I hate opening the door to a group of older youths and so always make sure my husband is home on Halloween just in case

  2. We're lucky - it's usually just groups of polite young children with their parents who turn up!

  3. The kids look great! We took our girls out trick or treating, there was a crazy amount of kids out in our local area there were houses taking their decorations down before 7pm I can only assume they ran out of treats

  4. Great outfits very cute! I went out dressed as a zombie school girl which was fun however sort of which i'd stayed in to see if we got any trick or treaters!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory5 November 2014 at 16:31

    Prefer a party instead of going door to door - very American idea which just doesn't sit right!

  6. My children love halloween, but we make a rule never to knock on a door without a pumpkin- that to us is the sign of people who don't mind our visit

  7. Aww no poor Charlie lips are awful areas to heal on kids as they keep biting at it so I do hope he is OK now. Sophie still doesn't really understand Halloween & she can't eat a lot of things so we try to make exciting stuff to do in the house.