29 Week Pregnancy Update

My baby now weighs around 2 1/2 pounds and is just over 15 inches long from his head to heel. At this stage his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain and to meet his increasing nutritional demands, mums-to-be need plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron because the baby will start using extra supplies to help him mature. This, in turn, can make mum feel a little run down. 

Being pregnant is sometimes not all it is cracked up to be. When people talk about it, you assume that it's sickness and heartburn, yes, but otherwise 9 months of happiness. Well it's not. Today I have woken up sad. I feel down and would say that I don't know why but I do, the hormones from my pregnancy have just affected my mood making me feel like this.

I've still managed to get things done with the boys, we've baked, painted and made some Christmas cards, but I just have this horrible feeling. Kind of like loneliness but I don't know, weird. The joys of pregnancy eh?!

After feeling scared about having a kidney infection last week, tests came back negative and it turns out that I've just pulled a muscle in my back. Not as serious obviously but just means that I cannot take anything to help the pain (Paracetamol does nothing unfortunately)

Heartburn is coming on strong now and I have found myself drinking Gaviscon like pop at the moment to keep it at bay. It seems that the fizzy drinks that are keeping me from throwing up, are the exact same thing that are causing me bad heartburn. That's just my luck!

For bump, this week he seems to have come on a lot. Fidgeting loads now and constantly kicking me, he seems to love the warm water when I get a bath and the boys love watching my tummy make weird shapes as I lay there watching. It's lovely to feel him moving and to see my bump growing bigger all the time!


  1. Pam Francis Gregory08:07

    Great read - It's great to feel the kicking isn't it but the heartburn is horrible. Good luck!

  2. Oh I so feel for you! My boy was born this year in summer and I was suffering with severe heartburn (he had lots of hair) and my belly muscles were playing up. I wish you the best :).

  3. Great article on how you feel during pregnancy.

  4. Your bump looks amazing hun. I am 26 weeks and bump is making it hard for me to sleep as its getting super uncomfortable x

  5. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and you feel better soon

  6. claire nutman16:25

    Good luck with the pregnancy and birth x

  7. sounds like a tough time at the mo, hope your back heals soon. Its so hard especially when theres other kids to look after. I am 19 weeks and my SPD is kicking in so struggling to walk without discomfort, A good moan about it all always makes me feel better