Yes I Have Stretch-marks, Who Cares?!

You know what I am sick of? People assuming that I am gutted about my stretchmarks, People thinking that it's okay to point them out and blame my children for ruining my body. People who seem to put others down for having them or love pointing out that they had 5 kids and never got any.

You do know that pregnancy, in fact, is not a competition!

I really don't care that I have stretchmarks. The same as I don't care if you have none. 

Every pregnancy is different, none are the same and I think that's a great thing. We will never know exactly how each of us feels as we go through it as everyone is different. It would be pretty boring if everything was the same for everyone. 

Being honest, I got loads of stretchmarks when I was pregnant with Thomas, with Charlie I got an extra one and so far no more in this pregnancy. Although, I can imagine I will do towards the end. And you know what? If I do then so be it. 

I didn't get pregnant thinking that everything would go smoothly. That I would have 9 months where I would be glowing and where my boobs would rocket to twice their size. That, within minutes of giving birth, I would go back down to a size 10. That I would be the perfect parent and my child would never cry. 

Because you know what, none of that is true. 

Pregnancy, for me, is horrendous. Morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, heartburn, dizziness and braxton hicks are all but a few things I go through in pregnancy. Whereas my sisters, 2 of which are currently pregnant also, get none of this. Their pregnancies run smoothly and I don't mind. 

At the end of the day, I am just happy that I can conceive and that my baby is sticky this time round. 

You don't need to be in competition with each other. It's an amazing time, so savour it, as once it's over, you'll miss it.

Yes, I have stretchmarks, Who cares? I sure don't!


  1. I've got stretch marks and don't care all that matters to me is that baby is happy and healthy.

  2. I have stretchmarks and I couldn't care less about them....They're part of me.

  3. I got quite a few when pregnant, my husband had loads as a teen which you can still see now. we have never been bothered about them

  4. I don't have any but I am so happy that you have not let your's bother you! I think of stretch marks and c-section scars (I have had 3 c-sections so do have a scar just below my bikini line) as reminds of an amazing experience - of bringing life into our world!

  5. Anonymous01:16

    As you say we are not all the same. Each pregnancy can be different :- A new experience, just part of life. Well done in being accepting of yourself, and getting on with the realities of life.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Couldn't agree more with your attitude!

  7. I would probably guess that more women have got stretch marks than haven't, but it's still meant to be something to be embarrassed about, noooo! We've got stretch marks because we've stretched, what's the problem?

  8. Very good post, you're so right it's not a competition.

  9. For stretchmarks