26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant. The past few month have flown by and I'm not under any illusion about how the rest will fair out. I know that after this stage, the rest of the pregnancy will drag. Whilst my little boy is inside, growing, I am out here getting impatient and wanting to meet him. 

Only another 14 weeks left (hopefully no longer than that like with my other 2 boys!)

My little boy seems to be getting stronger by the day now, constantly kicking me whilst I sleep and has a very strong kick I must admit. He is now around 2lb in weight and 14.5 inches in length so is starting to really grow now. 

For me though, I feel totally shattered. Even writing this now, I am struggling to sit at the laptop and type without and overwhelming feeling of being in discomfort. Sitting up straight is a major problem at the moment and I now find myself slouching to one side just to get into a more comfortable position, sometimes even resorting to lay down. 

Food wise, I have been craving chocolate a lot this week. I find this too horrible though as, at the moment, when I eat chocolate I get dizzy and feel ill and so it's been hard to have these cravings. I've told my husband that once this baby is born, he needs to buy me a huge hamper of chocolate to make up for the months of missing it. 

I next see my midwife in 2 weeks and so will probably update you all again after then. At that time she will be pinching more blood to make sure my levels are okay, I will get to hear my babies heartbeat and we'll be talking breastfeeding. 

How did you find you coped as your bump grew and the tiredness and aches set in?


  1. Bless you - hope you manage to get that extra hour in bed at the weekend! You take it easy and don't worry about updating you blog if you do not feel up to it. We will all be here waiting for when you feel better :) Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Wow those weeks seem to have flown by! I am 10 weeks behind you but im already finding sleep uncomfortable, I find I am more restless and dreaming a lot

  3. Congratulations :) hope all goes well x

  4. My advice to any pregnant woman is to have an epidural. I don't know what your birth plan is, or how you feel about painkilling drugs for labour, but, I say: "why put yourself through all that agony if you don't have to? An epidural takes all the pain away and can make your birthing experience something you can enjoy and look back on with good memories instead of remembering nothing but the pain". I've had two babies. One with an epidural & one without and I know which one was easiest and what I would do if I had another. Good luck with everything, and enjoy motherhood.

  5. Pam Francis Gregory10:18

    Congrats - Not long to go now!

  6. Oh wow I didnt know congratulations :)