23 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This week has been a bit up and down. All of us have been ill and so, at the beginning of the week, we couldn't really get much done. Being ill whilst pregnant is not great at all, and with the already groggy feeling of pregnancy coming together with the bug, it made me feel ten times worse. I think I may have had man flu haha

I can no longer get comfortable whilst sat for long periods of time and find myself constantly moving to try and comfort myself. And the amount of times I wake to go to the toilet during the night is getting silly now. I might as well sleep in there at this rate.

One big plus this week is that I have eventually started to feel baby kick. Since I have an anterior placenta, I have missed those first lots of kicks, the small ones when bump is first getting to grips with his space and have now gone straight in at the big kicks. He seems to be very low and I can constantly feel him moving now. 

The weeks has ended with a very bad low though. Braxton Hicks have started. If you've never had them, then let me explain. These can be anything from a mild discomfort to excruciating pain that feels like contractions. I had the latter of course. 

Yesterday, I went upstairs to get changed and got the most humongous pain which floored me. My husband came upstairs and found me on the floor unable to move from the pain. 
It felt like a contraction mixed with a huge stitch and so he picked me up and put me on the bed. 
At this point I was working myself up so much that I started feeling dizzy and going tingly all over. 
I laid on the bed for about 10 minutes with my husband panicking, asking if I needed an ambulance, and eventually it eased off. Just like that it was gone. 

Of course I was scared, but since I had them when I was pregnant with Charlie, I knew what it was and just tried not to work myself up too much. Hopefully, they wont be that strong from now on and I can get back into growing my bump without pain.

So, that's it for this week. See you in another couple of week with a routine update...


  1. Caroline Belsham19:03

    i love that tshirt, bet it gets some giggles when you are out

  2. Your t-shirt is soooo cute :D

  3. Anonymous15:50

    Oh no those pains sound horrible. I hope I don't get them when I start a family. Don't think I could cope

  4. Love you t-shirt! You take it easy! :)

  5. Pains don't sound much fun but your t-shirt is super cute!