Travelodge St Nicholas Hotel, Scarborough

When it comes to going away with the kids, I want somewhere that is close to everything and easy to find. My worst nightmare would be finding out that accommodation is in the middle of nowhere and far from amenities and the fun. 

So when it came to booking our trip away to Scarborough in the school holidays, I searched for the best place to stay. After searching various B&B's and hotels, I found that there was a Travelodge in Scarborough and was offered to stay there for a few days with my husband and the boys to show what we thought. 

Travelodge is situated on St Nicholas Cliff, on the south beach of Scarborough. It is actually in the most perfect position when it comes to getting to the beach and finding shops. 2 minutes from the train station and slap bang in the centre of town, everything is in walking distance. 

Upon arrival, we were met by a lovely receptionist who took our details and gave us our key card to our room, showing us to the lift and pointing out the restaurant and bar areas too. It all looked clean and very tidy so we were happy to be staying. 

It is a very old building and this shows as you are walking around to find your room as there are various hallways you can go down to find different room numbers. I think that this is very quirky and loved that the period features in the hallways stood out. 

I was surprised at how spacious the room was. I was expecting a family room to just have a sofa bed squashed into the corner but it had a double bed plus 2 singles and space to walk around too. Big thick duvets to keep us toasty warm and heaters too. A full length mirror for posing into, a television with a few channels (all you need really) and a small seated area which had tea and coffee making facilities. The tea, coffee and milk was provided as was decaf coffee which was a plus from me as that is all I drink. 

Being that there was 4 of us, I was a little disappointed that there was no wardrobe or shelving unit adequate enough to put clothing on, just a small shelf and rack in the corner that was only really big enough for one persons clothes. We did remedy this by having our suitcase opened up on the floor which is where the size of the room and the floor space came in handy as it meant that we could leave it open and not have to worry about it getting in the way.

The room did look a little dated in d├ęcor and the bed was a little creaky but I saw little signs and notices around about how the hotel was getting a make over in the months to come, so I guess that would remedy all of this. 

The bathroom was big also. Brightly decorated in red, there was a full sized bath and a toilet and sink. A small canister of bath and hair wash is left on the sink for if you forget your own. This was great for us as I hadn't brought bath stuff for the boys and the size of the bottle was perfect to last the few days we stayed at the hotel. 

A huge bay window with black out curtains shined light straight in to the hotel room. I just have to point out the black out curtains and how fab they were as I cannot sleep in there is one ounce of light in the room and so these were great for helping me get a good nights sleep. 

Out of the window was a fabulous view. Truly stunning, straight over the cliff-side and out over the ocean. I loved waking up and seeing this every morning. 

We visited the restaurant both mornings for our breakfast. I thought it was a great deal as, when we paid for our adult meal, the kids got theirs free. 

The breakfast was a buffet setting so you could choose from a hot fried breakfast with the choice of bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, beans and tomatoes, cold food such as croissants, cereal and freshly cut fruit and they also had a toast machine with jams and chocolate spread. Tea, coffee and juice was included on the breakfast price too and the staff were so friendly, one asking about my pregnancy and going off to find me some sachets of decaf so I could have a morning coffee. 

We also stayed for dinner one evening too. The boys picked their favourites of sausage and mash for Thomas and chicken nuggets and chips for Charlie, both plates finished off with loads of peas. Me and the hubster went a chicken fillet burger each which came with coleslaw and chips. 

There was a bit of a wait for the food but that can be expected when they are cooking for a hotel full, and the fact that you can order pizzas and chips to take-away too. The boys didn't mind so much about the wait as they had been given a huge colouring and puzzle sheet and crayons to play with. This kept them occupied whilst we waited. 

The boys did so well with their food that they both got a chocolate sundae for dessert. This was made up of vanilla ice-cream, cream and loads of chocolate sauce with wafers sprouting from the top. So huge that we even got to try a bit each too. 

Going out of the hotel, there are loads of things to do that are just minutes away. The city centre has a range of shops and eateries to dine in and there is the long walk down to the beach front if you fancy going that way. If not, just to the side of the hotel is a huge bridge going over the road that has steps down to the beach from there. If you have a pram or wheelchair then the tram is also just round the corner too which takes you directly down to the beach. 

A plethora of different amusements to play in. The all time favourite 2p machines were there in the hundreds and we even managed to get a Peppa Pig keyring to fall from one which made me so happy. I've never managed to get a prize before from one of those machines and it was great to see the boys winning.

Teddy machines were fun too. I hate seeing the boys playing on them and coming away disappointed when they don't win. So instead, I let them have a few goes on the machines, and then pop them over onto the ones that cost a few pounds to go on but you're guaranteed a prize. After a couple of tries, the machine will pick a teddy up and you win. It's great to see the excitement on the boys faces as they win. 

We were a bit unlucky with the weather as it wasn't that great but it didn't stop us from playing on the beach, Thomas even braved the freezing water a had a little wonder through the sea. He even managed donkey ride too and gave us a laugh as the donkey decided to stop mid ride to relieve himself. 

Walking along the pier to watch the boats going in and out of the port, admiring the lighthouse and seeing Scarborough Castle were all great experiences to finish off our break away. 

I really can't wait for our next adventure in Scarborough, we go every year. And I know that next time we'll definitely be staying at Travelodge again. 

For more information about Travelodge and to book, visit the Travelodge website


  1. we looked at staying here but I was put off by trip advisor, will definatly consider staying in future

  2. Anonymous14:34

    We always stay in travelodge now as they are cheap and nice and you can always find one around

    Amelia Louise

  3. The hotel looks lovely, and what a view! x

  4. Looks like a fab holiday!

  5. Anonymous10:04

    Head south next time. Take them to Longleat.

  6. Love Scarborough, great place and a lovely area of the country. We've not been for a couple of years now so must try and get back there soon.

  7. ANN NESBITT19:30

    Scarborough is one of my favourite places so much to do especially for the kiddies and the Travel Lodge looks fab, amazing views!

  8. I've never been to Scarborough. Great write up x