Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top

Finding clothing during pregnancy is hard work. I find that loose tops end up making me look like a tent and tighter ones make me uncomfortable. Not only that but wearing a bra in pregnancy is horrible. The under-wire and cups seem to press against the top of my bump causing aches and pains. I want something that is loose around my bump but supportive around my breasts. Something that will mean that I don't have to worry about wearing a bra. A miracle probably. 

That's when I came across the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top.

The Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top is perfect for someone who is looking for a comfortable top to wear during pregnancy, and for one that will last the duration as it also doubles up as a nursing top too. It is A-shaped below the bust meaning that it can be used from even the early stages in your pregnancy and will grow out with you as your bump gets bigger. It adapts to the changes in the body's shape perfectly.

The top is seamless so there is no stitching digging in at all and has an integrated nursing bra which is tightly knit underneath to give support and lift to the breasts. There is also no under-wire so the top part is super soft and comfy to wear whilst also giving a lot of support. 

One hand clasps on the top allow easy access to breastfeed quickly so are suitable for any occasion. You can breastfeed discreetly without exposing your stomach or much of your body at all.

Overall, I love the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top. It has been a godsend during my pregnancy so far as it's stretchy materials hugs my bump and flares out at the bottom without pushing into my bump at all. The bust holds my breasts in place whilst also being comfortable to wear and ultra supportive. I know that when my baby is born and it is time to breastfeed, I will be able to use this top without fear of people seeing more than they bargained for.  

For more information about the Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top visit the Cantaloop website and you can purchase from Amazon.


  1. This look's perfect for a pregnant lady or new mum. It look's cool, comfy and has easy access for breast feeding. I wish I had, had one.

  2. looks very comfortable

  3. Anonymous22:58

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  4. Anonymous00:29

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  5. Been looking for maternity tops and this looks so comfy x

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