21 Week Pregnancy Update

I haven't done an update post for a while as these few weeks seem to have merged in to one and there wouldn't really be much to update on. 

I am now 21 weeks. I had my anatomy scan this week where we got a second confirmation of our little boy. Well, not that we needed it as there was definitely boy bits on our gender scan. 

It was nice to see our little baby again although he didn't want to play ball. We couldn't get a great shot of his face as he kept his hands covering over himself as though he was playing peek-a-boo. I also have an anterior placenta which means that it is harder to get a clear shot as the placenta is in the way. 

Hyperemesis seems to have worn off now and I only really feel nauseous when I smell certain things or haven't eaten for ages. 

My bump feels massive now, by the time this baby is born I will be as big as a house but I've managed to find some great deals on maternity wear so am now comfortable which feels great. 

Since we are now past the half way stage, I have started looking at big baby items now. I am in love with the Cosatto Ooba in Duck Egg. It is absolutely stunning to look at and I love the Cosatto brand so have faith in it. The fab patterns and the colour are perfect for my little boy and I cannot wait for him to arrive so I can start pushing it around. 

We are going into town this week to finish off getting Christmas presents for the boys and get some more clothing for bump. Make sure you keep an eye on here to see te haul we come back with. 


  1. Aww! You're looking fabulous! I'm glad everything is going well x

  2. Claire green19:16

    Following your blog is making me so broody at the moment :-)

  3. love love, love the pram

  4. Bubbles20:51

    I have seen that pram in pink and want it so much!!!