Week 9 Update - Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I haven't written much recently, as you have probably noticed. This is because I have been suffering at the moment with all the worst pregnancy symptoms.

This week, I have been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. To us common people, that is severe morning sickness. I had to fight with my GP just to stop them from admitting me to hospital with it. What it basically means is that I cannot take in much food or water without bringing it back up causing my body to use my reserves to keep me and baby going. 

I have promised to take it steady, eat little and often and to try to get in fluids as much as possible. If it hasn't subsided soon, then they will look to place me on medication to help stop the sickness. 

So for the moment, I am having to relax and take it easy, not rush things, which unfortunately means that my blog is suffering because of this. 

I will be trying to get back in to writing soon and hopefully get every post out that is due but please do bare with me at the moment. 


  1. So pleased to see your blog again. I hope you soon feel much better and that the family is looking after you!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!! x

  3. Oh darling I sympathise. I had these symptoms with my two, weight loss and vomiting at the smell or sight of food. Only San Pelligrino passed my lips for weeks. It did eventually pass though, so try to rest and get the support you need. Much love.

  4. Hope you start feeling better soon


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