Pregnancy Update - Week 13

Yes, I know I have skipped a week. Well, not actually because I had my scan this week and they placed me 4 days further on that what I thought. Hey, at least that means that it'll be over 4 days quicker (fingers firmly crossed!)

Here is my little squishy, the scan took place at 12 weeks and 5 days and I now have a revised due date of the 30th January 2015.

My sister and I are now waiting to book in for our private 16 weeks sexing scan and I cannot wait. She is due 3 days after me so we decided to go to the scan together so we can both find out. Only 3 and a half week till we go now and I'm super excited!!!


  1. It goes so quick 20 week scan for me on Wednesday eeek http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  2. exciting times! congrats :)

  3. Aww! How exciting!! Good luck with the next scan x

  4. Anonymous19:04

    I reckon a princess x From Jackie Moos Barber

  5. Anonymous03:37

    Must be an exciting time for the family. You and your sister being pregnant, and due around the same time (Expected Date of Deliveries within a few days of each other).

    Rachel Craig

  6. congrats, when i had my first scan they placed me 7days bk! lol i was really annoyed! dam body lol xxxx

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