Parenting Is Hard, But It's Worth It

Being a parent means that there are many days where you will feel like pulling your hair out. You know, those days when you just feel like crawling back under your covers and putting your fingers in your ears just to get a break. It gets to the point where you're picturing sitting in the corner of a room, rocking back and forth and wondering how it got this hard. 

But that's what people don't tell you, just how hard it is. Well, actually, people do tell you, but we just push it out of our head, because obviously our child will not be as bad as yours. 

Yes, it is very hard work, bringing up children, teaching them right from wrong, teaching them everything actually. Being the mum, the cook, the cleaner, the teacher, the disciplinarian, the craft master and everything in between. 

Trying to figure out a routine for a child and eventually cracking it. But then having another child which doesn't follow the same routine, now both children are back to square one. 

Trying controlled crying and ending up crying more yourself as you feel like a bad parent. The naughty step which a 2 year old just finds funny. Sometimes I feel like putting myself on the naughty step, just to get 2 minutes of peace. 

Oh and sleep, that thing that a parent gets none of. If your baby or child isn't up bouncing around the bedroom at 4am then you'll wake up to find them in your bed and let them stay just to get some sleep and then it starts. The spiral of them being in your bed every night just because it's easier happens. 

Then you end up being sat up wondering whether you are the best parent, worrying about school, friends and days out and that big question 'am I really a  good parent?'

But you know what, yes, you are a good parent.

You do all these things out of love for your child. That constant worry, the immense love we feel for our children, the jealousy when other parents seem to do everything perfectly yet I can barely draw a dog never mind making one out of papier-mâché with accompanying bone, bed and other junk that I just can not do.

But we try, everything we do is for our children. Yes, we get it wrong, but then we backtrack and start again. We keep trying and make sure that our children have everything they need. We set a good role model for them and make sure that they learn boundaries and good behaviour.

You know what, yes it is hard work, it is very damn hard, but it's worth it. Every paddy, every tantrum, every embarrassing comment made on the bus, every mind blowing screaming fit, they are all worth it because, at the end of the day, that one good thing they do, from something as small as saying please and thank you right up to something as great as learning to ride their bike, they cancel everything out, all that bad stuff is gone out of your head, because at that moment in time, your child is perfect.

Yes, there are days when you feel like the world could swallow you up, but remember, there will always be a child to give you a cuddle at the end of it all, and that my friends, is the best feeling ever. 


  1. such a life changing experience to have children and I have it all to come.

  2. There are some stressful times! today has been a difficult one for me, best job in the world though

  3. Completely agree - and I thought GCSE, college exams, University dissertations, learning to drive was hard! Parenting is the hardest!

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  5. Very well said. My children are adults now, and they have grown into wonderful people who are now my very best freinds. That's the best reward in the world.

  6. It hard work but I am grateful for my lovely family

  7. very well, i love your content, and your blog is amazing