Monster Treads Shake & Sounds Dump Truck & Tractor

If you have young boys then I'm sure that you'll love to read about the new Monster Treads range from Tomy Toys. Combining cool monster truck styling with the power and reputation of John Deere, the new Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor range is set to take 2014 by storm.

Constructed of sturdy plastic, big bouncy tyres suitable for off-road action, shaking suspension and realistic roaring engine sounds, nothing can stand in their way.

We were sent 2 toys from the range, the Monster Treads Shake 'n Sounds Dump Truck and Tractor. Both are of plastic construction with huge rubber tyres. The push button on the back activates the monster truck sounds and the oscillating shaking suspension.

I love this range as not only are they suitable for indoor and outdoor play, but they introduce farm play at a young age, the shaking of the trucks gives a look into how a real truck would feel. 

They have all the characteristics of real trucks, the dump truck has a working hold at the back. You can fill it with rubble, sand and even toys, and then simply tip them out when you get to their destination. The moulding on the side of the tractor gives great detail to what a tractor looks like. The exhaust pipe sticking up, the front grills sticking out, al like a real tractor does. 

The boys love how the trucks bounce around and, if they push the trucks whilst they are shaking, the momentum from the vibrations will keep them rolling forward until the shaking stops. They also have great control. The high suspension makes turn the truck and bouncing them around rough terrain, very easy indeed. 

Overall, these are fantastic toys that any little boy would love. Educational, showing how tractors work and fun with sounds and movement.

You can find out more information about the Monster Treads Shake & Sounds Dump Truck & Tractor on the Tomy Toys website and see the other ranges they do too.


  1. These look fantastic, my little one would definitely love to add these to his collection

  2. these look great, my daughter would love the tractor


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