Hooded Fleece Lion Blanket From Aldi

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I love finding items for children that are great for them and quirky too and so when Aldi sent out this hooded blanket, I knew that it would be a hit with the boys. The blanket comes in various animal designs. From frogs to lions, so something to suit every child. 

A lovely cosy blanket to keep them wrapped up warm on a cold evening, but with a big difference to regular blankets, it is really an animal...

At the top of the blanket is a head, which doubles up as a hood. It then has 2 arms (paws) which keep children's hands warm and a little tail on the back just to finish off the animal theme. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blog, Parent Blog, Lion, Blanket, Review, Aldi,

The blanket is super soft, cosy and warm and the eye for detail is impressive. I was imagining that it would probably be a blanket with a lion head printed on the hood, but no, it is all embroidered on. 

The paws, eyes, nose, even down to the whiskers and mane, have all be carefully stitched onto the blanket to give it then animal look. Then little ears and a tail have been added on to give it a 3 dimensional lion which the boys both love.

Not only it is a blanket that they can snuggle up to, to keep warm, but it is also a play thing. Simply put it on and you're a lion, chasing your prey around the room and garden and stalking it out before pouncing. 

The Hooded Fleece Lion Blanket is a Special Buy from Aldi and is available to purchase now, whilst stocks last. 


  1. This is so cute! Aldi have some really good bargains! I often shop there for top ups!

  2. These are really cute and would make a lovely gift for the youngsters I have to buy for. Will be off to Aldi! Thanks.

  3. Krissie14:01

    So cute!

  4. Sandra Lane19:17

    Have just discovered Aldi and am amazed at the quality products they have. I especially like their range of biscuits and chocolates.

  5. That is super cute, I want an adult size one!

    Felicity kelly