Getting It Sorted... Eventually!

I don't really know what to say in this post. Just really to explain why I've been a bit quiet recently. Not posting as much as usual. Yes, reviews and such have gone live, but not family posts like they normally would. Not being social over Facebook or Twitter, it's not because I am busy doing something else, something fun. But actually, quite the opposite. 

My husband has had a back problem for years. Every few months it would flare up, the muscles would spasm and the GP he was with at the time didn't do a thing. Gave him painkillers and sent him on his way. 

Last year though, he transferred to the same GP as the rest of the family. Then his back got worse. Constant pains from about Christmas last year, throbbing, stabbing pains shooting through his back and down his legs.

And you know what? The GP's actually gave a damn this time. Trying to work out why his back was so painful and organising for my husband to go for an MRI scan to find out, once and for all, what was wrong with his back.

So in march this year, the time came for the scan. A week later, we got the results. He has 2 bulged discs at the bottom of his back, one bulges to the right, and the other to the left. These were pushing out onto his nerves in the spine canal and causing the pain. He was then to be referred to a specialist at the hospital. 

Now, I'm sure we all know about hospital waiting times and so wasn't expecting to have any contact from them for ages, let alone any remedies for the back pain for months. But this week, my husband had his appointment for the consultant, a spinal surgeon. 

After discussing the results of my husbands MRI scan and going through the options, they said that the best option was for him to have an operation. A Microdiscectomy in his words. This is where they basically will operate on his back to remove parts of the discs that have bulged to take the pressure off the nerves. 

Again, we thought about waiting times. Would the operation get done this year? Would it even get done by next year? In 6 weeks the consultant said... 6 weeks!

We were shocked at how quick it was getting sorted. They told my husband that he cannot work from now until 6 weeks after the operation. They don't want to risk him doing any more damage to his back before then. Luckily for us, my husbands boss is very understanding and lovely. He said that he can basically have all the time off he needs and the job will still be there for him once he's better. 

So, now you know why I've been quiet. The next couple of months are going to be a stressful time, a scary time but, at the end, it will be sorted and we can get back to living our lives. 


  1. Anonymous16:27

    Hope the operation goes well and your husband can be painfree at last. Sore backs are very debilitating.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  2. Oh my! I hope the operation goes well....Hugs to you x

  3. Hope it went well! x

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  5. Anonymous19:28

    Ahh there are some good doctors out there after all! Hope all goes well with the operation and he has a speedy recovery xx

  6. Aww try not to panic , hubbs had 5 discs removed and a titanium rod and cage around it abut 6 years ago, the dffrence in just 24 hours was amazing, the dr was baffled how he was still walking and working but he was practically numb from the waist down The nhs even cancelled an appointment before seeing him saying there wasnt anything they could do for him. He went private in the end for the mri. they saw the damage and immediatly refered him to have the op done on the nhs, Finial diagnosis to op in just 2 days he skipped the waiting list. hes fine now still has aches but you wouldnt know , hes my man of steel. I was also heavily pg at the time with a under 2 year old its not a fun time. Im sending you loads of love xxx