Monsters University Mike and Sulley's Smartphone

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I love being a KD Mumbassador, it means that we get to sample new toys from their range, which obviously the boys love. This month, we have been playing with the Monsters University Mike and Sulley's Smartphone. 

This handy smartphone helps children learn more about colours, numbers and whilst talking about their favourite Monsters University characters. 

It is just like a real smartphone, as you can swipe your finger from left to right to trigger music and lights, and use the touchpad to answer the questions too. 

It makes children feel as though they have their own phone to play with which is great as many times, the boys want to play with my phone. I don't mind them playing with my phone but they do seem to kill the battery and delete all my apps so I am forever having to recover everything. Now the boys have their very own phone.

Discovery Mode is all about learning about the Monsters University characters. As your child touches each of the characters on the screen, the phone will explain who they are, what group they belong to and what their number is. 

I do like this part as, although they are learning about the characters, the boys are also getting talking about numbers, groups, names etc which are all great things to learn about and it means that children can then identify characters easier and even point out their numbers themselves without being prompted. 

Children can also press the call button. This will prompt Mike and Sulley to talk to them. The boys love the idea that they are talking to these characters. We have Monsters University on DVD and so the boys know about these characters anyway and getting to talk to them makes the boys so excited. 

The phone features light effects, fun sounds and music with educational features and the fun factor. The boys love it, it keeps them entertained whilst helping learn too which is always a plus in my eyes. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Phone, Monsters University Mike and Sulley's Smartphone, KD UK, KD Mumbassador, Review,
You can visit the KD UK website to find out more information


  1. Great review thanks! Look cool for kids!

  2. love KD UK we have a lot of the Peppa toys

  3. I've just ordered one for my youngest daughter!

  4. My kids would love this, they are always trying to play with my phone and now they don't have to!

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

  5. My youngest daughter loves hers!

  6. My nephew would love this!
    Felicity kelly

  7. This looks fab, I know someone who would love one for xmas.