Let's Grow Wild

I love flowers and since we have 2 big gardens, we decided last year, to plant some flowers. 
It was nice to see Thomas learning about flowers and how to plant them, water them and watch them grow when we got involved in the Kids Grow Wild challenge last year.

That was until Charlie got a hold of the pots and emptied them all out before they had a chance to fully grow. 

So this year, we are going to try again, to grow some pretty flowers.

Neon Jungle, the girl group, played a very special, exclusive gig to just a handful of fans on 6 April 2014 to celebrate the launch of Grow Wild UK's 'Let's Grow Wild' campaign. 
The gig took place on a London Bridge rooftop where teens learnt how to transform unloved urban spaces in the UK.

You can see all about it in this film:

I love flowers and so have signed up to the Grow Wild UK Facebook page and requested our free pack of wild flowers to get us started on our flower garden.

This year though, Charlie is older an understands more about looking after things. I am also going to keep them up high whilst they are first sprouting to stop little hands getting close. It will be great to see some lovely flowers growing in our garden and will mean that more wildlife will around our garden for the boys to see. 

I think we'll have to pop out and buy a few accessories that we will need to help with the growing process and then get growing!
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  1. I love flowers, I really miss having a garden.