26 April 2014

Inspiring Playtime with Tomy Toys

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Being a Tomy Official Blogger means that we get to try out new toys all the time. Test them out for durability, style and fun-ness and the kids have a great time doing so. This time, we have been sent a range of items from the Tomy range of musical and moveable toys. 

Tomy are celebrating 20 years of expertise in infant developmental and creative play. They have a fantastic range of toddler toys, suitable for children from six months right up to three years old although Thomas is nearly 5 and still plays with them. This new collection that inspires playtime now falls under the Tomy Infant and Toddler Toys umbrella. There are new toys and a whole new look for the brand this year, including modern, vibrant packaging with more visible age grading, allowing the bright and colourful toys to really shout out on shelf. 

This new range launched in January and we were lucky to be sent 3 toys from this range. 

Luke the Loop
New for January is a counting toy called Luke the Loop. A loveable elephant in his own little plane, who loves looping and counting. In his little stunt plane the engine sounds, the propellers turn and as you rotate the plane around, it counts from 1 to 10. 

Designed for small hands to hold, it has a small handle on the top to make playing with it even easier and as the child makes a loop with the plane, it counts. It is an absolutely fab toy that both boys love playing with. The fact that they are having fun, getting to play and fly the plane around but also learning the basics of counting too. 

Luke the Loop, Mummy Blogging, Official TOMY Blogger, Parent Blog, Push ā€˜nā€™ Chase Turtle, Ready Steady Musical Giraffe, review, TOMY, Yorkshire Blog

Ready Steady Musical Giraffe 
This one is probably the favourite of the toys and is also new to the collection. You simply push the giraffe’s head down and the engine starts. It rattles around as it's starting and then this cute toy rolls along the floor. 

The car vibrates as it revs and plays music and eventually shoots off. I love this toy as not only is it a great motion toy but for smaller children, it will help them in learning to crawl as they'll want to follow it as it moves aiding them in the process of growing up. 

Push ‘n’ Chase Turtle 
This is the perfect toy to encourage follow-along fun for little ones. It has a ring-shaped body. making it easy for children to hold. You can simply push him down and release to see him roll forwards.

The motion makes little ones want to follow along, encouraging movement, like the toys above, aiding the ability to crawl. If you push the turtle along the floor, you hear him ‘click’ as he moves and you can also shake him to hear a rattle sound too. I think that this toy would be perfect for children of a younger age as, it will help with learning to move around the floor but also the shorter, quiet sounds will keeps them entertained too. 

I have done a short video showing the Ready Steady Musical Giraffe and Luke the Loop in motion which you can see here:

I am so privileged to be a Tomy Official Blogger and get to receive these items to test out. If you would like more information about them, or to see the other ranges they do, check out the Tomy Toys website.

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  1. Tomy have some lovely toys out. I remember playing with then when I was small

    Sarah G