17 January 2014

Daniel Footwear Majid Boots

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I am obsessed with boots and I don't just mean a little but a lot. I have loads of pairs and am always buying more. I hate flat boots though and usually opt for a wedge or small heel as I feel more comfortable in them. 
I try to vary styles and couldn't resist asking for The Majid boots from Daniel Footwear to review when they got in touch. 

From their very own shoe range, Daniel, The Majid is both comfortable and stylish. 

They come in brown faux suede, which is super soft, with a fashion buckle and strap over the 2inch contrast heel. 
The zip is full length which makes them super easy to put on and it matches in colour with the boots so is concealed. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Daniel Footwear, Boots, The Majid, Review,

Not only do these boots look good but they feel good also. The heel is just the right size to give a bit of height but not be uncomfy after hours of shopping. 
The sole is solid and the material protective and thick. 
I can tell whilst wearing them, that they are good quality and made of a high standard. 

The Majid boots match perfectly with jeans, trousers, leggings and even tunic dresses and the fact that they are a mid brown colour means that they will match most colour-ways too. I am sure that I will be wearing them for ages to come. 

I was a bit hesitant at first with the fact of them being priced out of my range with an RRP of £89.99 but Daniel Footwear currently have them on sale at £26.99 which is a snip when you look at their quality and style. 
You can purchase The Majid boots from the Daniel Footwear website and find other branded shoes and bags on there too. 


  1. I have a pair of boots from Daniel Footwear too. They are stunning and so well made.Love yours and a great bargain too!

  2. These look nice and wide - do you think they'd fit over my chunky calves (given the pregnancy and all)? - I'm size 14-16ish dress size if this helps xx

    1. They have a good amount of room in them and even have a small elastic panel at the top inside for a little extra give so I am sure they would fit fine :-)

  3. Nice boots. I like a good quality pair of boots for winter. Thanks for letting us know that these boots are presently on Sale.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Liking lots! BUT I have too many pairs of boots so I will resist!

  5. Love these boots. They look good.

  6. I had never heard of this brand but I am very impressed

  7. I couldn't resist and bought a pair very similar in the sale!

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  9. These look great - really comfortable and look like they would go with everything!

  10. I've never tried Daniel Footwear. These boots look fantastic and your review is great. I'll have to check out their website when the sales are on. x