Fireman Sam My First Notebook from KD UK

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One thing the boys always try to do is to play with my laptop. Every time I leave it, even for just a second, they will jump onto it and tap away, usually posting randomness to Facebook.
So I have been on the lookout to find childrens laptops that not only look like the real thing but have a childish flare too.

The Fireman Sam My First Notebook looks just like a real laptop as it has the classic fold function, with eight folders on the desktop depicting scenes from all of the rescues taking place in Pontypandy, as well as a full alphanumeric keyboard and working mousepad too. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, KD UK, Fireman Sam, My First Notebook, Review, Toy, Christmas Feature

Thomas can easily work the laptop too by using the mouse to navigate through the folders and play one of the four games on it. He can choose between learning character names, fun facts, numbers, colours, letters or listening to music.

The laptop helps to:

  • Introduce numbers
  • Teach colours and their names
  • Help children to learn letters and the alphabet
  • Develop childrens observation skills

I love the look of this laptop because it is bright and stands out which is always good for children. The voice speaks loud and clearly so that Thomas and Charlie can easily identify what it is talking about and I also like that whilst you are learning about Fireman Sam and everything to do with the cartoons, it is also helping to educate in numbers and colours too.

Thomas likes to listen to it and copy the facts and also point out who everyone is. He enjoys the fact that it is all based around Fireman Sam, as he is Thomas' favourite character, and points out that it is usually 'Naughty Norman' that causes the fires.

Overall, this is a top toy and one that both boys will enjoy for time to come. Check out the KD UK website to find out more about their ranges. 


  1. Bet my nephew would love that! :)

  2. My daughter loves Fireman Sam. Would love this!

  3. Anonymous23:52

    This looks great for children.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I love these childrens' notebooks, but I do have a bit of a problem about them being alphanumeric since when they begin using a proper keyboard it'll be QWERTY and they'll have to learn the keyboard all over again.


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