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Great Gizmos is a leading provider of children's fun, creative and innovative toys. They provide a huge range of top quality toys that kids will love to play with and they are always at competitive prices. They have tried to find the best toys and gifts from around the world and bring a huge range of products to their one website so there is something to suit every age.

It was 1997 when Great Gizmos was established by parents who were sick of toys with no creativity and imagination. They wanted to bring toys that were based around the important things in life, like creativity and education but also fun at the same time.

Great Gizmos provide toys for all ages. There are a lot of craft kits and educational toys and also wooden toys that are eco-friendly. They do a stunning range of plush toys too and pocket money items. We were lucky when they got on touch and asked if they could send up a sample of their range out. We received:

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Great Gizmos, Review, Snow Dome, alligator, Lion, Lunch Bag,

Dragon Bag from Lil' Pet Pals
Thomas is obsessed with anything that is dinosaurs or dragons and so his eyes lit up when he saw this. This lunch bag is insulated to keep food hot and has a personalised name tag inside so that you will always know whose it is.

This lunch bag was a retail price of £13.95 and has a dragon motif on the outside stands out with its bright green colour, orange eyes and wiggly ears. 

We have been looking for a while for a lunch bag that not only holds all of Thomas' dinner but also looks great and is suitable for a small child in its design. Thomas really couldn't wait to go to school and show off his new lunch bag and because it is insulated inside, this also makes it easier to clean as just a quick wipe and it's done. 

NICI Lion 25cm Dangling 
From the Classic NICI Wild Friends range, this Lion is a gorgeous plush stuffed animal that has a big fluffy mane and is so soft and snuggly. 

Since receiving this, Thomas has not let it go. He says that Lenny (that's now his name) is his best friend and must sleep with him and play with him too. Both boys love him and you'll usually find him snuggled up with one of them. 

Dancing Alligator from Plan Toys
This Dancing Alligator provides so much fun for all children. As you pull it along the carpet it bops up and down and makes a click-clacking sound. Charlie loves running around the room with this tagging behind him and watching it dance around. 

The alligator is made from natural rubber wood and finished with non-toxic water based dyes. It is made by Plan Toys who specialise in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly toys. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Great Gizmos, Review, Snow Dome, alligator, Lion, Lunch Bag,

Make Your Own Snow Dome Photo Frames from 4M 
I love this as not only do you get to create fab snow domes but also you can attach photos and have something to keep at the end of it. All this for only £9.99 too. 

This craft set is marked as 5 years + as it does need a lot of sticking and cutting and so my boys are a little too young to try this one out but my nieces can not wait to come round to our house and make the snow dome frames. They want to make one and surprise my sister (their mum) with a lovely, handmade present. 

All in all, I think that Great Gizmos sell and awesome, huge range of toys that are suitable for all ages and I bet the site will be popular come Christmas time as you can get everything in one place. 

You can check out all of their ranges on the Great Gizmos website.


  1. love the snow dome frames! my kids would love this!

  2. That pull along is so cute - I used to have a dog when one I was a kid but theres something extra cool about a croc!

  3. Anonymous05:45

    The Snow Dome Photo Frames look like a good craft / personalised item for the time of year. I'm sure your nieces will love making these. Please keep us updated.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Thank you for the review!

  5. the snowdome frames look great!

  6. Think the dancing alligator is quite imaginative for young children. The lion plush seems like just another lion plush. The photo frame craft thing looks interesting and useful to keep kids busy.

  7. Thankyou for the review never heard of this company before and love unusual gifts, thanks x

  8. Reader11:32

    Aww, those games look so cute!