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We always use bath toys to try and coax the boys into getting a wash and the Aqua Fun toys from TOMY work well to help ease them into the bath without a fuss. As part of our Official Blogger project, we received 2 of the toys from the Aqua Fun range. The Turtle Tots and the Surfin' Beaver.

Turtle Tots
The Turtle Tots comprises of a mummy turtle with 4 little turtle tots. The turtle tots stick to the mummy turtle's shell with suckers and will also sucker to the bath and tiles too. The tots also squirt water to make bath time extra fun.
Mummy turtle comes apart to reveal 4 different shaped pouring cup legs which are actually its feet. The feet come off and when filled with water, will shower the water out of the little holes. The legs also comprise of different shapes so can be fun and educational when putting the turtle back together by sorting the shapes into the correct places. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Official TOMY Blogger, TOMY, Aqua Fun,

The boys love this toy as not only do they get to play with them in the bath but they get to sort shapes, sucker toys and squirt water whilst also playing with the mummy turtle which floats along the water.

Surfin' Beaver
The Surfin’ Beaver is a wind up toys that will  paddle along the water using his tail and also sings a little surf song.
I actually love this toy because it is the only electrical toy I have seen for the bath. I was surprised when I realised that it would sing a song whilst in the water. it is brightly coloured and very greatly detailed in design.

The only problem with the Surfin' Beaver is that, even though it is supposed to be a movable toy, when you wind it up it doesn't actually move that far. Check out our video below to see what I mean...

When it is wound full and out of the water, the tail does move very fast but as soon as it hits the water it seems to slow right down and actually doesn't seem strong enough or big enough to give enough power to move the beaver.

Although that is a disappointment to find that it doesn't actually work that well, my sons aren't really bothered as Charlie loves the noise it makes whilst flapping its tail and the cute song it sings whilst floating. 

This is quite a hard review and for a while I have put off writing it because it is difficult to explain that although the beaver doesn't work great, my kids still love it and the Turtle Tots toys is fantastic.

You can see more of the Aqua Fun range on the TOMY website.

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Official TOMY Blogger, TOMY, Aqua Fun,


  1. I need some new bath toys for my son and like the look of the turtles, thanks for the honest review.

  2. My youngest hates the bath, I'm always looking for thing to bribe him to Go into the bath. The turtle looks really good. I like that it doesn't just do one thing. Great review thanks.

  3. Even though my kids are a little older they still like bath toys! These are so cute.

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  5. These look like great fun, my son would love the turtles

  6. N Rostron22:28

    These look great.

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