Witley Sleeping bag from OLPRO

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With my dad being a biker, he goes on rallies all the time and is forever getting his camping equipment out to get ready for the events. Thomas loves to help him get everything organised, and have a play in his sleeping bag at the same time, and so when we had the chance to receive the Witley sleeping bag from OLPRO, I knew Thomas would be happy. 

He loves the idea of camping and always asks if we can go and sleep in the great outdoors. I have explained that Charlie is still a little young and that we will go camping when they are both a little older and can manage easier. For now though, we take to making dens under the table and creating our own tents so we can pretend to be camping. 

My parents also own their own camper van and have told us that we can use it to go away for a few days as, although it isn't really camping with tents, it still does have the outdoor aspect to it which will be great for the kids. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Camping, Sleeping Bag, Review, OLPRO,

The Witley sleeping bag is a grey-blue colour on the outside with little aztec style prints and a vivid red on the inside. I love these colours and they compliment each other very well. It is polyester on the outer which makes it shiny and smooth and is poly-cotton on the inside for comfort. The sleeping bag has a 52oz microfibre filling and weighs only 2kg so is very lightweight. 

Even though it is quite thin and light, the sleeping bag is very warm indeed and both boys have enjoyed snuggling up inside it and even unfastening the zip so it's just like a normal cover for them. You can actually get two sleeping bags and they can be zipped together to make enough room for 2 people.

Thomas loves the sleeping bag and has even put it on his bed so he can sleep in it. I think he's a real outdoor boy at heart. For me, I love the fact that it has matching co-ordinating items such as wind breaks and melamine sets. Not only can you get to sleep in the great outdoors, but you get to do it in glamping style.

This exclusive design is not available from anyone else other than OLPRO and it will come in handy for all of our adventures and I cannot wait to get out camping with the boys. You can purchase this beautiful sleeping bag from the OLPRO website direct. 


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