4 October 2013

Transport Bookshelf from Room To Grow

One day, not too long ago (17 years to be precise) Room To Grow appeared to help parents and children make the biggest decisions when it comes to bedroom furniture. We all know that age old battle between the practicality that parents want versus the wants of the child and their imagination and no one wants to back down. And now they don't need to...

Room To Grow supply cleverly designed beds and furniture that are fun yet practical so suit both parents and childrens needs. Room To Grow offer real solutions for both parents and children. 

When they got in touch with me and asked if we would like to help in celebrating Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September by reviewing one of their bookshelves, I couldn't wait to get involved. Not only is Roald Dahl my favourite childrens author but Thomas and Charlie had been needing a bookshelf in their bedroom for a while now so it seems like perfect timing.

After much deliberation, I chose the Teamson Transport Bookshelf to review as I thought this this would suit the boys bedroom the most. 

Emptying the box, I first of all, was pleased to note how solid the wooden is and how durable it looked. Every piece was wrapped to make sure it was scratch free and the vivid colours stood out, especially the drawings of the vehicles which are all very detailed. The solid metal 'Teamson' badge on the back of the bookshelf gave me confidence that this was going to be a sturdy product.

There seemed to be quite a lot of pieces but as I don't mind a bit of DIY, I got stuck straight in. (with a little help from my hubby)

The instructions were very easy to read, although I did screw one bit on backwards as it wan't explained that the groove needed to be facing downwards but that was simple to rectify as luckily I was doing it in steps and it was easy to just unscrew and turn the correct way.

The bookshelf was actually put up quite quickly and since each of the pieces had a little sticker with a number on it, corresponding to what was in the instructions, this made it easier to identify each part and follow the instructions without having to search bit by bit. 

The bookshelf looks beautiful up, just what every young boy would love to have in their bedroom and this was no exception for my boys. They loved the pictures of trains, cars and planes and couldn't wait to start stacking their books onto it.

The sturdiness is incredible. Many times, the boys have banged into it or even climbed on it and it just stands there, no wobbling, no creaking, just there, solid!

Having the extra draw underneath it is great for a bit of extra storage and Thomas keeps some of his cars in it at the moment. Apparently, this is what it has been made for since the bookshelf shows pictures of cars (You just can't fault a childs mind!)

I know that this will be a staple piece in the boys bedroom for years to come!

For me personally, I am in 2 minds. Before I received the bookshelf, I thought that the price tag of £110 was quite steep for what it was but now I have seen it in all it's glory, felt its solidness and noted that it will no doubt last a lifetime, I actually wouldn't mind paying that amount of money for it and am glad that I got the chance to check out a product which I would not normally buy as it has made me think about how I perceive products based on their prices.

The only problem is that now I want to collect the rest of the furniture from this range to complete the collection.

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  1. Looks lovely, but as you said bit pricey :(

  2. Great review this looks really funky

  3. Ideal for a kiddies room, good review thank you

  4. thanks for the review seems a llittle pricey but if it is as solid and well made as you say it s worth the money for being so different and funky

  5. Yeah, I have just ordered one for my boys' room!

  6. This bookshelf is really pretty and useful too. This is very useful for storing kids books, magazines and comics etc.

  7. Pam Francis Gregory12 October 2013 at 09:32

    Great review! Remember that you always have to pay for quality - No point buying cheap then having to replace - It's a false economy!

  8. These are really the awesome ideas I would say not only for the children but there are some things those are good for the adolescents as well. Really nice write up I would say.