Slugs & Snails Boys Tights - Halloween Special

I remember when Charlie was first born, it was a cold September and even though he would wear warm clothing, his socks would fall off and he would end up with freezing cold feet. This took me to start buying plain white girls tights that he could wear under his clothing thus stopping his feet from being cold. 

Then Charlie got older and all the tights seemed to change to pink so we couldn't buy them any more. This meant that we could be out somewhere and he would be sat in the pram with one sock and and the other somewhere left behind or his trousers bottoms ridden right up past his knees so his legs and feet were cold. Blankets are okay to cover this but Charlie would also pull these off. It seemed silly that there were no products aimed at boys.

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I have always wondered why tights are seen as a girly item as, in the past, they used to be for both sexes and so, when I came across Slugs & Snails, I was happy to see that they cater for boys. 

Slugs and Snails was founded in back 2008 when Kathleen found that tights were a great solution to keeping her newborn son warm but struggled to find tights designed for boys. As Kathleen and her partner could only find girly tights to keep their son warm, they decided to design their own tights specifically for him but then after realising that there was a gap in the market, Slugs and Snails was born.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

I was glad to see that they make these tights for boys. Tights that, unlike trousers, allow your child the freedom to bend and move freely and unrestricted and are still bold and robust. 

Slugs & Snails have a whole range of designs of funky tights from bright and bold to spooky and scary Halloween suitable ones. Since Charlie is between sizes at the minutes, we were sent 3 different sizes, 18-24 month, 2-3 years and then a pair of 3-4 years for Thomas (well we didn't want to leave him out) which arrived in a neat box with a transparent plastic window showing off the cool designs.  Both boys had a pair of Spooked tights and Charlie had an extra pair of Ivor Spider tights too. 

I love the bright, vibrant and bold colour of the Ivor Spider tights and these will go perfectly with Charlie's outfit for upcoming Halloween. I think my boys look very cute in the tights which are great worn on their own with a vest or t-shirt or can be worn under clothes to keep the boys warm.  

Slugs & Snails tights are very soft to touch but very thick too and will withstand all the rough activities both boys get up to. They are also extremely well made with fantastic, hard-wearing stitching and anti-slips soles so the boys don't go sliding over our tiled kitchen as they are giving enough extra grip to stop them from slipping over.

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Slugs and Snails is the first company in the UK and Ireland to design and produce tights just for boys and I totally agree with the slugs & Snail moto and think everyone else should try it too:
Don’t try to fit in, you were born to stand out!

You can purchase the tights from the Slugs & Snails website and check out all their other designs too whilst you are there.


  1. My sister put tights on my nephew when he was a baby. He's a daddy himself now lol

  2. these tights are fantastic what great designs for kids at halloween .added bonus keep the boys warm as well

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