Chuggington Stack Track by TOMY

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When our next set of toys from TOMY turned up, I knew the boys were going to be happy. A whole box of Chuggington train tracks for them to get stuck in to and play with, how could no little boy not like that. 

The Chuggington toy range is based on the hit cartoon series which follows the goings on at a busy train track with all the chatty trains for company. Thomas loves it and you will regularly catch him singing along to...

Chuggington... chugga chugga chugga...                                  
                            chugga chugga chugga chuggua Chuggington!!!

This range of tracks was something Thomas had been wanting for ages and he couldn't wait to get the boxes open, there was cardboard flying everywhere. He was like a child on a mission, a mission to play with a great toy.

Yorkshire Mum, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging, Chuggington, Review, Train, Stack Track,

From the range, we received:
  • Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker
  • Koko's Safari Adventure Set
  • Twists & Turns Action Track Pack
  • Brewster
  • Action Chugger

This is 3 sets of the stack tracks and 2 extra trains. We set about building them all up and had a great time figuring out which pieces went where. 

Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker is the biggest of the sets (as pictures above). The station at the top plays storm sounds as the train leaves and there are also spinning signs and, as the train goes past, cones the fly of into the breeze. The turntable at the end of the track can be wound up and when the train hits it, it will spin fast in a circle which also adds to the stormy situation.

The trains go round this track very fast if you build it how it shows on the box and the boys loves trying to get it to go as fast as possible.

Yorkshire Mum, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging, Chuggington, Review, Train, Stack Track,

Koko's Safari Adventure Set comes complete with its own monkey. You can load up the bananas into the cargo car and deliver them to the top of the track where the monkey is swinging in the tree. She actually does swing too! The train will then zoom down the track and burst through the safari gates.

Twists & Turns Action Track Pack is really an add-on set which can be combined with other tracks to make a huge setting. It has a figure of 8 type layout following on to a hill climb to give it extra turns. The switching gate gives it extra direction as you can choose which way to send the trains.

I love the fact that all the tracks can attach together to make one huge track and all the different pieces mean that you can forever be changing the direction and height of the track by simply moving pieces around.

You can see a video of them all in action here:

Each train can also connect together and Thomas had his own little mission to make his track as high as possible and then send his whole linked range of trains down the track at the same time to see how fast he could get it to go.

I do love tracks as in a way they are educational as they get children thinking about how things connect together and finding the right pieces to go in the correct place to fit and finish of the track.

Thomas has already decided that he wants to collect more of this and so that'll be added to his ever growing Christmas list.

You can buy the Chuggington Stack Tracks from all good retailers. 

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  1. My son loves Chugginton, and we have been looking at this for Christmas for him. It looks absolutely fantastic!

  2. This will be the ideal Christmas present for my grandson

  3. Pam Francis Gregory13:04

    Wow - This looks brilliant. We have some Tomy bath toys & they are so well made!

  4. these look fantastic for any chuggington fan .would be great for little boys stockings

  5. Rosalind Blight20:54

    Wow my nephew would love this

  6. Great review thanks - I know someone who would love this for Christmas!!!!

  7. My little one loves Chuggington. I might have to get her some of these once she's a bit bigger.

  8. This is awesome. Chuggington stacktrack set is usually designed for a space saving train set. The tracks expand vertically instead of the usual wooden tracks or scaled tracks that occupies a lot of space! Thanks for sharing!


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