3 October 2013

Am I Being Selfish?

If you're not in to reading sad, whining, self-pitying posts, then read no further as I can imagine this getting quite boring for you.

Well here goes...

The title of this post is quite ironic and it really is based upon me writing this post about myself rather than being selfish in real life.

In reality I am probably the total opposite. Always doing everything to make others happy. Always putting everyone else first. Never thinking about myself. You'd think I would feel happy about the fact that I am actually a nice person and do these things for everyone else but no, I feel used.

I feel like I do these things for everyone else but get nothing in return. I don't mean that I want presents or money but a bit of recognition wouldn't go amiss. A 'thank you'.

I seem to be just an afterthought that no one cares about. I don't ask for things, I don't receive things and I wouldn't want to be one of those people that needs presents to be happy, but sometimes I look at myself and feel like a pushover.

You know, next Thursday I turn 26 years old. We are skint so I'll probably only get a card, but I don't mind. But then again, it gets me thinking, how come I always have everyone else sorted way in advance, always planned out, but for me, I get nothing...


  1. Sorry you're feeling so rubbish :( I do a lot for others too and can sometimes feel this way especially regarding the thought and planning that goes into my bday preps and yet others do all last minute with little thought. Still I wouldn't want to be one if those people you mentioned sometimes a little chat can help or a hint! Lol it's my bday in 3 weeks we could swap bday cards to make ourselves feel better lol xx

  2. I think its because we women/mothers put up with it because we know if we do received loads of presents etc it would probably mean a credit card bill or a larger overdraft, either way we would end up paying for our surprise gifts ourselves.

  3. I know exactly how you feel I know people with more time and money but never seem to be able to buy a card and get it their on time but yet I always manage itx

  4. Let your children know how you feel. Teach them that life is not just about receiving things. Teach them to do things for other people - for nothing.