9 October 2013

Alphabet Soft Play Mat from Soft Floor Kids

The boys are always upstairs playing in their bedroom and often end up hurting themselves on the hard floor or falling and banging themselves, that's why I am glad that you can now buy mats that protect children from harm.

Soft Floor Kids are a family business based in the UK and they specialise in foam puzzle play mats. Established in 2003, they began trading with basics puzzle soft mats but now their range includes over 30 different play mats, including basic multi-coloured mats, educational number mats and sensory tactile mats for children with special needs.

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Their team have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, supplying mats to homes and all sectors of business, priding themselves on supplying the right mat for our customers at the best prices and are always happy to have a chat and talk to prospective customers to help with choosing the correct mat.

We were sent the Alphabet Soft Play Mat which is priced at £34.95. This multi-coloured play mat pack features 30 puzzle foam mats with pop-out letters and shapes. It has the full alphabet and 4 shapes that easily fit together. 

You get 30 tiles in this pack which measure at 30cm by 30cm per tile which, when you fit them all together, makes a huge mat for children to play on. It actually covers an area of about 1.5m x 1.8m and each piece neatly jigsaws flush together and the set includes border edges so that it is smooth around the edges. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog,

The mat has a slip free surface which is great for whilst the boys are running around and can be used indoor or outdoor, although only temporarily outdoor and not in bad weather. It also comes in a big clear zipped bag so storage is easy too.

I like the fact that it isn't just an ordinary mat. Thomas enjoys spelling out words with it and finding the shapes which is educational and also fixing some of the squares together to make a cube too. 

All their mats are made from high-quality, closed-cell (non-absorbing) EVA foam, which is 100% non-toxic and formamide free.

All in all I can say that we love the alphabet mat for it's educational and soft play properties and the fact that it's vivid colours look fantastic in the boys bedroom.

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  1. That looks fab! So bright and colourful x

  2. This is brilliant - I want it :)

  3. we have these at work and the kids love them.

  4. I use to work in a Nursery and they had these around they are not only great for safety but are fun to play with too. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  5. Pam Francis Gregoru13 October 2013 at 10:30

    What a great idea! fun & eductional

  6. These look great and so brightly coloured.

  7. These look fab, would be great for my granddaughter xx