11 October 2013

Adventures With a Buffalo and a Bee

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On the 1st of October we were invited to go and visit the Buffalo and the Bee. Now I know what you're thinking, a bit of a weird combination or animal/insects but no, we went to see Bugaboo. 

Bugaboo are one of the most sought after prams on the market and only the whisper of the word makes pram-aholics go weak at the knees. So when they invited us to their event and we found out that they were coming to Leeds, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Getting to see these prams up close and personal would be fantastic. 

I have loved Bugaboo prams from since I found out I was pregnant with Thomas. The Bugaboo Cameleon was my pram of choice but with a price of around £799, I knew that I could never afford it so getting to have a look at them now was like a dream for me us. 

The event in question was Charlie and mines chance to meet 2 new items in particular. The new ‘Happy Bugs’ collection which is the next design in their collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation and the Buffalo which is the all new, all terrain Bugaboo. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Bugaboo,

We'll start with the Happy Bug Collection...
This is available as tailored fabric for the Cameleon and the Donkey and also as a sun canopy for the Bee and the Donkey duo. The sun canopies are printed on the inside as well as on the outside so the baby gets to see the cute bug design too. This new collection also includes a unique Baby Cocoon and a Footmuff which have the gorgeous bugs design too.

We got to see the design on the Bugaboo Bee. The Bee is super light weight which made it easy to push around (I did have a little toddle around the hotel with it) and the small frame of the pushchair also includes an extendible handle so is suitable for all sizes.

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We then went on to the Buffalo.
This is said to be the love child of the Chameleon and the Donkey. It has a huge seat which is also is longer and the storage basket underneath is huge too. This pushchair is suitable for rough terrain and is a very robust pushchair. It can be folded (if done correctly) with just one touch which is a big plus when you are struggling with a baby and a pram to get into the car. 

The one thing that stood out to me was the huge tyres. I always try to find prams with big tyres as they are easier to push, especially over cobbles and rough terrain and they just seem to have a smoother ride. Not only does it have the huge tyres but it can also carry up 39kg in weight. 23kg in the seat itself, 10kg in the basket underneath and 6kg on the handles. 

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After we had finished playing with the prams, we got to take a look at the new Woolmark products that will be the accessories in the Bugaboo range. A range of seat liners, mattress covers and blankets that are super soft and naturally luxurious. The seat liners will fit any standard sized pushchair so you can have them even if you don't have a Bugaboo pram.

I loved the feel of these and the seat liner with it's furry warmth would be great for this horrible weather we are getting and for when the snow comes to keep babies nice and warm. The seat liner is reversible and as you can see in the photo, has 100% pure wool on one side and a grey jersey fabric on the other.  

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Bugaboo,

We had a really good day visiting Bugaboo and Charlie loves the pastries that we got served, tucking into them rather than taking notice of what else was going on around him and enjoying looking into our goodie bag of items too.

Looking back now at when I had Thomas, I am a bit gutted that I never saved up for a Bugaboo. The amount of prams we have been through with our boys (10 prams... no 11... erm I think) and the amount of money we have spent doesn't bare thinking about and if we had bought a Bugaboo in the first place, they are of such great quality that it would still have been going strong now and we would have saved a fortune in the long run. The fact that we could have just bought different coloured hoods to suit and the varying options of the Cameleon would have meant that we would never have needed another pram.


  1. Ooh I love Bugaboo. This looks awesome

  2. Pam Francis Gregory12 October 2013 at 10:55

    These look great

  3. these look fantastic wish they had been around when my two were little.mind you dont think I could have afforded the price tag

  4. They are sooo gorgeous <3 them