Organix Mighty Meals and Soups

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Organix Mighty Meals and Soups are suitable for children aged 1-3 years and are packed full of veg and goodness with no added salt, preservatives or starches. Each pack is the perfect size for a child's meal and has all the goodness they need.  

The soups are chunky in texture and include recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles. 

Charlie loves to sweetcorn and noodles one as although it is soup, it has been made to a consistency that means it wont drip off his spoon whilst he is trying to eat. Charlie actually likes to eat soup and I think these are perfect for him as they contain good produce and are organic so will be great for his growing tummy. 

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As well as the soups, Organix also make a Mighty Meals range. 

The Mighty Meals range includes Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs, Hearty Veg, Bean & Lamb Hotpot, Tasty Veg & Beef Stew with Dumplings and Pasta Shells & Vegetables in a Tomatoey Sauce

These are a great option for when you're busy and need a quick meal for children that is still good for them. 

They are a chunky toddler meal with a variety of different textures, providing children with a host of flavours whilst also being quick and easy to prepare.  

Charlie loves the Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs as it is quite thick so he can easily feed himself. The spaghetti has been cut up small so as to make it safer to eat and the chunky meatballs give the much needed meat element to this lovely dish. 

I think these meals and soups are a great idea. I think the meals especially will come in handy for when we are in a rush and need something that is good quality but quickly to get ready. 

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You find more information about the Organix Mighty Meals and Soups and the brand from the Organix website


Witley Sleeping bag from OLPRO

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With my dad being a biker, he goes on rallies all the time and is forever getting his camping equipment out to get ready for the events. Thomas loves to help him get everything organised, and have a play in his sleeping bag at the same time, and so when we had the chance to receive the Witley sleeping bag from OLPRO, I knew Thomas would be happy. 

He loves the idea of camping and always asks if we can go and sleep in the great outdoors. I have explained that Charlie is still a little young and that we will go camping when they are both a little older and can manage easier. For now though, we take to making dens under the table and creating our own tents so we can pretend to be camping. 

My parents also own their own camper van and have told us that we can use it to go away for a few days as, although it isn't really camping with tents, it still does have the outdoor aspect to it which will be great for the kids. 

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The Witley sleeping bag is a grey-blue colour on the outside with little aztec style prints and a vivid red on the inside. I love these colours and they compliment each other very well. It is polyester on the outer which makes it shiny and smooth and is poly-cotton on the inside for comfort. The sleeping bag has a 52oz microfibre filling and weighs only 2kg so is very lightweight. 

Even though it is quite thin and light, the sleeping bag is very warm indeed and both boys have enjoyed snuggling up inside it and even unfastening the zip so it's just like a normal cover for them. You can actually get two sleeping bags and they can be zipped together to make enough room for 2 people.

Thomas loves the sleeping bag and has even put it on his bed so he can sleep in it. I think he's a real outdoor boy at heart. For me, I love the fact that it has matching co-ordinating items such as wind breaks and melamine sets. Not only can you get to sleep in the great outdoors, but you get to do it in glamping style.

This exclusive design is not available from anyone else other than OLPRO and it will come in handy for all of our adventures and I cannot wait to get out camping with the boys. You can purchase this beautiful sleeping bag from the OLPRO website direct. 


Children's Clothing from Debenhams

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As a parent of 2 young boys, we go through tons of clothing. After messy play, crafts, baking, gluing, outdoor play, you can imagine just how much mess a child can make so we are forever throwing clothes away or trying to remove stains which just felt like a waste. 

On the other hand though, I thought that buying cheap clothing would mean that we would end up having to go and spend more to replace them. As the saying goes 'buy cheap, buy twice' because cheap clothing usually has rubbish stitching, goes out of shape and always of bad quality. 

We instead go for good quality clothing that is at the right price for us. When we were sent some items from Debenhams for Thomas, I was delighted as not only do there clothes outlive most other brands with their durability but they are also stylish too. 

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With the changing seasons at the minute, it is great to have a variation of different styles to wear and so Thomas and I picked as much range as possible. 

Our first item was a nice pair of shoes. Wanting something that was not only going to be comfortable but looked a bit formal too and suited all styles was quite hard to find but eventually we chose these bluezoo trainers which seem to have a bit of everything.
They are navy blue but have brown panels and sole and have 2 Velcro fasteners so even small children can fasten them. Inside, they are actually quite padded so will keep toes warm in this freezing weather and are also comfortable for Thomas to walk in and don't rub him.

Thinking of other items that are necessary for the cold chill, Thomas chose a pack of two bluezoo printed pyjamas which come in grey and navy bases with vibrant yellow and white trims and decorations. Both pairs are long sleeved and one pair even has a colourful vampire character which glows in the dark.

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We thought having 2 pairs of bottoms would be the staple items as we could then style around them. Opting for totally different items, our first choice was a pair of bluezoo blue carpenter jeans which have an elasticated waist for a more comfortable fit and 7 pockets on them.

I think the pockets, one including a zip on the leg, make them look a little different and more stylish. The elastic waist with drawstring fastening means that they can be altered to fit too which is great as Thomas has always had a small waist.

Secondly, we went for a pair of Rocha.John Rocha trousers which, like the jeans, have a drawstring fastening and extra pockets. I like the fact that they are a designed brand from Debenhams but still come in at low prices.

We went for these 2 as then we could create different outfits out of them by changing the t-shirts to suit. 

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Lastly, we picked out the tops that would make the outfits stand out. Keeping them all long sleeved since it is so cold at the moment, we picked out the ones that stood out the most and the ones that Thomas liked. Of course, Thomas' first choice was a lovely red pirate t-shirt and then secondly, a blue one with a truck on it and 'T is for Truck' embellished upon it. I love the fact that Thomas always chooses the bright colours and always shows his own unique style.

I then picked another 2 to match his outfits. An 'I may be small but I talk big' t-shirt in green and red and a 'little man, big trouble' t-shirt in navy blue. I love slogan t-shirts and thought that these 2 would match in perfectly and any of the tops can be changed to wear with either pair of bottoms for a fab look.

The bluezoo cable knitted jumper completes the collection of clothes that we chose. This cable knit jumper has chunky ribbed trims and looks great with the jeans and the trousers too. I love the bold blue colour and the fact that it is so chunky means that it will keep Thomas warm all through the cold winter months. 

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It's so easy to make a whole winter wardrobe using just these staple items from Debenhams.


Bissell Vac & Steam

When I was revealed as the Official Facebook Reviewer and the person who would be lucky enough to review the Bissell Vac & Steam, I was so happy and after trying it out I decided to post my review on here too even though this was not a requirement. I was in fact giving my opinions on the Vac & Steam for the purposes of it's launch on the television channel Ideal World and some of my thoughts are being read out live on air at 8pm tonight (Sky 644, 651, 668 & 671; Freeview 22, 36 & 41, Freesat 812 & 813, Virgin 747)

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Upon receiving the product, I was actually surprised at how small the package was. I assumed that because it would need a space for water and a space to collect dirt, it would be massive and take up loads of room.

The Vac & Steam is the brand new product from Bissell and it can apparently vacuum and steam at exactly the same time. Then it got me thinking, how could an appliance vacuum and steam at the same time? Surely crumbs would get stuck into the steam compartment and block it up. I couldn't wait to get the parts together just to be able to test my theory out. 

It was simple to fix together, the steam foot just needed clipping in place to the stick vacuum and that's it, ready to use. At the back is a water compartment which, even though it looks small, holds a good amount of water and at the front is the tank which holds all of the dirt and debris. I also like the fact that it has an adjustable handle as my husband is over 6ft tall and usually has to bend whilst vacuuming. 

Filling the water tank, I the appliance all ready to use, and then we were off. It is quite simple to use. There are only 4 buttons on it. One for the vacuum, 2 for choosing whether you want a high or low amount of steam and then the button in the handle which enables the steam to come out. You can choose whether you want to vacuum, steam or do both at the same time by using the simple fingertip controls. The steam foot is removable too so the vacuum can be used on carpet as a stick vacuum instead. 

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I chose first of all, to try out the vacuum on its own. I wanted to vacuum a few bits up before trying the steam in case it got clogged up but actually, once the steam was on too, it became apparent that I shouldn't have worried because it did both with ease. The vacuum suction part is towards the front of the foot so the bits are picked up before the steam touches them and the Dry Tank Technology keeps the dirt separate from water for easy emptying. 

Cleaning my kitchen floor, I was surprised as to how much dirt it picked up and the light scent that comes from the freshening disk makes the whole room smell nicer. I also like the fact that you can keep your house germ free as if you hold the steam on the spot for at least 15 seconds and it will sanitize and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The steam removed every mark from my kitchen floor and left it gleaming. 

The best thing for me though is the time aspect. I would usually have to vacuum and the mop our hard floor surfaces and they still wouldn't be germ free so it would mean cleaning every day to make sure it stayed clean. I like the fact that it is now all done in one, cleaned, steamed and sanitized!

It's a 5* from me for time keeping, space saving, cleaning, steaming, freshening and sanitising all in one small product so in fact, it is even saving you money as this is the only product you will need for your floors.


First Shoes from Clarks

I always believe that young children should wear soft soled shoes until they are 2 years old. That way, their feet can grow properly and they can learn to walk comfortably without having to wear a hard sole.  

Now Charlie is 2 year old I couldn't wait to get him his first pair of proper shoes and the First Shoes Collection from Clarks has such a big range that I knew we would find some that we loved. 

I love going to the Clarks store as they always treat children right and make sure they are comfortable before going through the motions of measuring feet. Since Charlie hates strangers, he did cry a little at first but eventually calmed down and let the assistant measure his feet. He measured at a 6F and the woman checked twice just to make sure. 

The assistant was very helpful and even offered to pop into that back and bring out all of the shoes that they had in stock in Charlies size. I liked this because at least I knew which we could pick from then. After checking them all out, we settled on a pair of Brite Time First Shoes which which are priced at £30 and are navy leather, from the First Shoes Collection. 

Charlie, who was now fully settled and enjoying running around the store, loved trying the shoes on and the assistant and I both checked the fit to make sure they felt right. Then off Charlie toddled for a walk around in them and give them a bit of a try out. 

They have 2 Velcro straps which make the shoes adjustable to fit and they have a gentle padding around the ankle which offers support. Charlies main love though? The flashing Lights at the back of the chunky rubber sole which flash as he walks along. He enjoys smacking the bottom of his shoes so that they flash. 

I love the fact that they measure childrens feet every time they visit as at least you know you are definitely getting the right size for your child. 

Not only are these a super comfortable pair of first shoes for Charlie but the navy colour means that they look quite formal too so will suit for most occasions!


Panache Sports Bra

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Last month I wrote about Panache and their A/W13 Sports Bra which you can read here. I couldn't wait to receive it and try the bra out to see if it worked as well as they say. Well now I have had it for a good few weeks and have managed to try it out quite a few times and I though I would now give an update as to how I am getting on with it. 

First of all though, a bit of background about the sports bra. 

The Panache Sports Bra says it will ‘banish the bounce’ as it reduces breast bouncing by an amazing 83%. This makes it a favourite on the sportswear market. 

The bra is said to hold each breast, supporting and reducing movement and is made with a lightweight micro-fibre and sports mesh fabrics which are comfortable to wear and are breathable. 

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I chose to go for the black design but they also do a new red and raspberry ones which have neon trims too. These will be great for when you want a supportive, comfortable sports bra but also one that is bright and bold too. 

As I have never wore Panache before I didn't know which size to go for. As we all know, different brands seem to be different sizes and in hindsight I should have gone for a 36 back as this, although supportive, does feel a little tight on the back. 

The actual cups are very soft and must admit, it is the comfiest bra I have worn for a long time as it doesn't just hold my boobs in place but it holds them in a comfortable position and since they don't now bounce as much this makes for extra comfort too. 

I am so glad that I can now exercise in comfort and not have my boobs bopping around everywhere. I can now not wait to start at the gym and get myself fit!


International Baby Loss Awareness Day 2013

I know that I show have written this yesterday as that was the official International Baby Loss Awareness Day, but I just couldn't bring myself to writing this until now. 

As you all know, I suffered a miscarriage in April this year. 

It is, as many other women has gone through the same, such a hard thing to go through and I will never really get over it. 

The thought of having a baby growing inside you and then, as I am already a parent, sensing that something is not quite right and just 'knowing' that the pregnancy wasn't going to end well. It's an awful thing to go through. 

I would have been nearly 34 weeks now and due around the 1st December. 

It will never go away and that's why we have International Baby Loss Awareness Day, to support one another. 

I lit my candle at 7pm last night to join the international Wave of Light in memory of my little bean and for all the other little beans that never fully matured. 

I posted this poem when I had the miscarriage and still think it suits now and so I'll you with this:

A Lament for My Baby
I never got to hear you laugh, you never saw me cry
Didn't get a chance to say "Hello", you never said "Goodbye"
I didn't think that I could feel so sad, lost and forlorn.
I never knew God chose his Angels before some of them were born.
Your life was short yet special, I shared it all exclusively
I felt you breathe, I felt you kick, You were alive inside of me.
Every baby is an Angel and every angel is divine
God needed one in heaven, he came down and took mine
And although we are not together, we're not really apart
For you'll always occupy a space, deep within my heart.
Time has begun to ease my pain, It's only some days now I cry.
When I wish I could have said "Hello" and heard you say "Goodbye"
                                                                    ~Author Unknown


Chuggington Stack Track by TOMY

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When our next set of toys from TOMY turned up, I knew the boys were going to be happy. A whole box of Chuggington train tracks for them to get stuck in to and play with, how could no little boy not like that. 

The Chuggington toy range is based on the hit cartoon series which follows the goings on at a busy train track with all the chatty trains for company. Thomas loves it and you will regularly catch him singing along to...

Chuggington... chugga chugga chugga...                                  
                            chugga chugga chugga chuggua Chuggington!!!

This range of tracks was something Thomas had been wanting for ages and he couldn't wait to get the boxes open, there was cardboard flying everywhere. He was like a child on a mission, a mission to play with a great toy.

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From the range, we received:
  • Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker
  • Koko's Safari Adventure Set
  • Twists & Turns Action Track Pack
  • Brewster
  • Action Chugger

This is 3 sets of the stack tracks and 2 extra trains. We set about building them all up and had a great time figuring out which pieces went where. 

Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker is the biggest of the sets (as pictures above). The station at the top plays storm sounds as the train leaves and there are also spinning signs and, as the train goes past, cones the fly of into the breeze. The turntable at the end of the track can be wound up and when the train hits it, it will spin fast in a circle which also adds to the stormy situation.

The trains go round this track very fast if you build it how it shows on the box and the boys loves trying to get it to go as fast as possible.

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Koko's Safari Adventure Set comes complete with its own monkey. You can load up the bananas into the cargo car and deliver them to the top of the track where the monkey is swinging in the tree. She actually does swing too! The train will then zoom down the track and burst through the safari gates.

Twists & Turns Action Track Pack is really an add-on set which can be combined with other tracks to make a huge setting. It has a figure of 8 type layout following on to a hill climb to give it extra turns. The switching gate gives it extra direction as you can choose which way to send the trains.

I love the fact that all the tracks can attach together to make one huge track and all the different pieces mean that you can forever be changing the direction and height of the track by simply moving pieces around.

You can see a video of them all in action here:

Each train can also connect together and Thomas had his own little mission to make his track as high as possible and then send his whole linked range of trains down the track at the same time to see how fast he could get it to go.

I do love tracks as in a way they are educational as they get children thinking about how things connect together and finding the right pieces to go in the correct place to fit and finish of the track.

Thomas has already decided that he wants to collect more of this and so that'll be added to his ever growing Christmas list.

You can buy the Chuggington Stack Tracks from all good retailers. 

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Adventures With a Buffalo and a Bee

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On the 1st of October we were invited to go and visit the Buffalo and the Bee. Now I know what you're thinking, a bit of a weird combination or animal/insects but no, we went to see Bugaboo. 

Bugaboo are one of the most sought after prams on the market and only the whisper of the word makes pram-aholics go weak at the knees. So when they invited us to their event and we found out that they were coming to Leeds, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Getting to see these prams up close and personal would be fantastic. 

I have loved Bugaboo prams from since I found out I was pregnant with Thomas. The Bugaboo Cameleon was my pram of choice but with a price of around £799, I knew that I could never afford it so getting to have a look at them now was like a dream for me us. 

The event in question was Charlie and mines chance to meet 2 new items in particular. The new ‘Happy Bugs’ collection which is the next design in their collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation and the Buffalo which is the all new, all terrain Bugaboo. 

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We'll start with the Happy Bug Collection...
This is available as tailored fabric for the Cameleon and the Donkey and also as a sun canopy for the Bee and the Donkey duo. The sun canopies are printed on the inside as well as on the outside so the baby gets to see the cute bug design too. This new collection also includes a unique Baby Cocoon and a Footmuff which have the gorgeous bugs design too.

We got to see the design on the Bugaboo Bee. The Bee is super light weight which made it easy to push around (I did have a little toddle around the hotel with it) and the small frame of the pushchair also includes an extendible handle so is suitable for all sizes.

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We then went on to the Buffalo.
This is said to be the love child of the Chameleon and the Donkey. It has a huge seat which is also is longer and the storage basket underneath is huge too. This pushchair is suitable for rough terrain and is a very robust pushchair. It can be folded (if done correctly) with just one touch which is a big plus when you are struggling with a baby and a pram to get into the car. 

The one thing that stood out to me was the huge tyres. I always try to find prams with big tyres as they are easier to push, especially over cobbles and rough terrain and they just seem to have a smoother ride. Not only does it have the huge tyres but it can also carry up 39kg in weight. 23kg in the seat itself, 10kg in the basket underneath and 6kg on the handles. 

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After we had finished playing with the prams, we got to take a look at the new Woolmark products that will be the accessories in the Bugaboo range. A range of seat liners, mattress covers and blankets that are super soft and naturally luxurious. The seat liners will fit any standard sized pushchair so you can have them even if you don't have a Bugaboo pram.

I loved the feel of these and the seat liner with it's furry warmth would be great for this horrible weather we are getting and for when the snow comes to keep babies nice and warm. The seat liner is reversible and as you can see in the photo, has 100% pure wool on one side and a grey jersey fabric on the other.  

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We had a really good day visiting Bugaboo and Charlie loves the pastries that we got served, tucking into them rather than taking notice of what else was going on around him and enjoying looking into our goodie bag of items too.

Looking back now at when I had Thomas, I am a bit gutted that I never saved up for a Bugaboo. The amount of prams we have been through with our boys (10 prams... no 11... erm I think) and the amount of money we have spent doesn't bare thinking about and if we had bought a Bugaboo in the first place, they are of such great quality that it would still have been going strong now and we would have saved a fortune in the long run. The fact that we could have just bought different coloured hoods to suit and the varying options of the Cameleon would have meant that we would never have needed another pram.

My Perfect Birthday Meal at The Handmade Burger Company

When Simon asked where I wanted to go for my birthday, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to try the The Handmade Burger Company in the Trinity Centre. We had seen it previously on a shopping trip and I'd joked to Simon at how he'd be too fussy to go there. But he agreed to give it a try too and so taking to have a nosey on their website, I had a look at the range of burgers they did.
I noticed that they had some social media pages and popped along to their Twitter @HandmadeBurger to, well first of all see what others had been saying about them, and secondly to Tweet them and say that we were coming in. 

At that point they asked if they could book a table for us on my birthday so that we would have a seat reserved and were really lovely to chat to, I couldn't then wait for our night out.

We arrived at the Handmade Burger Co. and was greeted by the assistant manager (for the life of me, I cannot remember his name) and was told that since it was a special occasion and our first visit, we would be served at our table. Choosing what to have was quite hard as they had so much choice but eventually we chose and then sat and had a chat whilst we waited for the food to be cooked. 

I knew that it may be a bit of a wait for our food as not only was it packed full (which I took as a good thing as it means that it must be a popular place!) but everything is also made fresh by hand so I guess it will take a bit longer to get everything done. 

Then the food arrived... WOW!!!

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Simon chose the cheese and bacon burger on brioche and I went for sliders which are three smaller burgers, 2 burgers, one with cheese and the other smoky barbecue and then a barbecue chicken one too. We also chose chips as a side order although we probably only needed one portion of these as they were massive. 

They were the most amazing burgers. You know they are good when the fussy hubby exclaims 'this is the best burger I have ever tasted' ! My jaw hit the floor when he said that. This man that usually hates everywhere we eat has just come out with that. Well that confirms how good the food is.

Such juicy succulent burgers on yummy brioche which was sweet but actually complimented the burgers quite well. Fresh salad on the burgers and chunky chips on the side made a fantastic meal. 

I was so stuffed after the burgers that I couldn't manage a pudding which was a shame as they all sounded so lovely and I'm not one to usually pass up a good gooey dessert. 

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And that was not it, they had also got me a present, 2 lovely spa products from Lemongrass House. I cannot believe that they had got me a present and the items are lovely. A gorgeous mandarin orange shower gel and body cream that smell so lovely. I have actually walked past LemonGrass House and mentioned how lovely their shop smells and am so happy to have received something like this from such a lovely company. 

We were just so shocked that they had gone to all this trouble to make our first visit and my birthday so special. 

Not only was the food amazing but the customer service was impeccable and the atmosphere in there was so nice. I am still so happy that we chose to try the Handmade Burger Company and now cannot wait to go there again and try more burgers from their menu.  


Alphabet Soft Play Mat from Soft Floor Kids

The boys are always upstairs playing in their bedroom and often end up hurting themselves on the hard floor or falling and banging themselves, that's why I am glad that you can now buy mats that protect children from harm.

Soft Floor Kids are a family business based in the UK and they specialise in foam puzzle play mats. Established in 2003, they began trading with basics puzzle soft mats but now their range includes over 30 different play mats, including basic multi-coloured mats, educational number mats and sensory tactile mats for children with special needs.

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Their team have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise, supplying mats to homes and all sectors of business, priding themselves on supplying the right mat for our customers at the best prices and are always happy to have a chat and talk to prospective customers to help with choosing the correct mat.

We were sent the Alphabet Soft Play Mat which is priced at £34.95. This multi-coloured play mat pack features 30 puzzle foam mats with pop-out letters and shapes. It has the full alphabet and 4 shapes that easily fit together. 

You get 30 tiles in this pack which measure at 30cm by 30cm per tile which, when you fit them all together, makes a huge mat for children to play on. It actually covers an area of about 1.5m x 1.8m and each piece neatly jigsaws flush together and the set includes border edges so that it is smooth around the edges. 

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The mat has a slip free surface which is great for whilst the boys are running around and can be used indoor or outdoor, although only temporarily outdoor and not in bad weather. It also comes in a big clear zipped bag so storage is easy too.

I like the fact that it isn't just an ordinary mat. Thomas enjoys spelling out words with it and finding the shapes which is educational and also fixing some of the squares together to make a cube too. 

All their mats are made from high-quality, closed-cell (non-absorbing) EVA foam, which is 100% non-toxic and formamide free.

All in all I can say that we love the alphabet mat for it's educational and soft play properties and the fact that it's vivid colours look fantastic in the boys bedroom.

You can follow Soft Floor Kids on Twitter and on Facebook too.


Transport Bookshelf from Room To Grow

One day, not too long ago (17 years to be precise) Room To Grow appeared to help parents and children make the biggest decisions when it comes to bedroom furniture. We all know that age old battle between the practicality that parents want versus the wants of the child and their imagination and no one wants to back down. And now they don't need to...

Room To Grow supply cleverly designed beds and furniture that are fun yet practical so suit both parents and childrens needs. Room To Grow offer real solutions for both parents and children. 

When they got in touch with me and asked if we would like to help in celebrating Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September by reviewing one of their bookshelves, I couldn't wait to get involved. Not only is Roald Dahl my favourite childrens author but Thomas and Charlie had been needing a bookshelf in their bedroom for a while now so it seems like perfect timing.

After much deliberation, I chose the Teamson Transport Bookshelf to review as I thought this this would suit the boys bedroom the most. 

Emptying the box, I first of all, was pleased to note how solid the wooden is and how durable it looked. Every piece was wrapped to make sure it was scratch free and the vivid colours stood out, especially the drawings of the vehicles which are all very detailed. The solid metal 'Teamson' badge on the back of the bookshelf gave me confidence that this was going to be a sturdy product.

There seemed to be quite a lot of pieces but as I don't mind a bit of DIY, I got stuck straight in. (with a little help from my hubby)

The instructions were very easy to read, although I did screw one bit on backwards as it wan't explained that the groove needed to be facing downwards but that was simple to rectify as luckily I was doing it in steps and it was easy to just unscrew and turn the correct way.

The bookshelf was actually put up quite quickly and since each of the pieces had a little sticker with a number on it, corresponding to what was in the instructions, this made it easier to identify each part and follow the instructions without having to search bit by bit. 

The bookshelf looks beautiful up, just what every young boy would love to have in their bedroom and this was no exception for my boys. They loved the pictures of trains, cars and planes and couldn't wait to start stacking their books onto it.

The sturdiness is incredible. Many times, the boys have banged into it or even climbed on it and it just stands there, no wobbling, no creaking, just there, solid!

Having the extra draw underneath it is great for a bit of extra storage and Thomas keeps some of his cars in it at the moment. Apparently, this is what it has been made for since the bookshelf shows pictures of cars (You just can't fault a childs mind!)

I know that this will be a staple piece in the boys bedroom for years to come!

For me personally, I am in 2 minds. Before I received the bookshelf, I thought that the price tag of £110 was quite steep for what it was but now I have seen it in all it's glory, felt its solidness and noted that it will no doubt last a lifetime, I actually wouldn't mind paying that amount of money for it and am glad that I got the chance to check out a product which I would not normally buy as it has made me think about how I perceive products based on their prices.

The only problem is that now I want to collect the rest of the furniture from this range to complete the collection.

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Am I Being Selfish?

If you're not in to reading sad, whining, self-pitying posts, then read no further as I can imagine this getting quite boring for you.

Well here goes...

The title of this post is quite ironic and it really is based upon me writing this post about myself rather than being selfish in real life.

In reality I am probably the total opposite. Always doing everything to make others happy. Always putting everyone else first. Never thinking about myself. You'd think I would feel happy about the fact that I am actually a nice person and do these things for everyone else but no, I feel used.

I feel like I do these things for everyone else but get nothing in return. I don't mean that I want presents or money but a bit of recognition wouldn't go amiss. A 'thank you'.

I seem to be just an afterthought that no one cares about. I don't ask for things, I don't receive things and I wouldn't want to be one of those people that needs presents to be happy, but sometimes I look at myself and feel like a pushover.

You know, next Thursday I turn 26 years old. We are skint so I'll probably only get a card, but I don't mind. But then again, it gets me thinking, how come I always have everyone else sorted way in advance, always planned out, but for me, I get nothing...


Slugs & Snails Boys Tights - Halloween Special

I remember when Charlie was first born, it was a cold September and even though he would wear warm clothing, his socks would fall off and he would end up with freezing cold feet. This took me to start buying plain white girls tights that he could wear under his clothing thus stopping his feet from being cold. 

Then Charlie got older and all the tights seemed to change to pink so we couldn't buy them any more. This meant that we could be out somewhere and he would be sat in the pram with one sock and and the other somewhere left behind or his trousers bottoms ridden right up past his knees so his legs and feet were cold. Blankets are okay to cover this but Charlie would also pull these off. It seemed silly that there were no products aimed at boys.

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I have always wondered why tights are seen as a girly item as, in the past, they used to be for both sexes and so, when I came across Slugs & Snails, I was happy to see that they cater for boys. 

Slugs and Snails was founded in back 2008 when Kathleen found that tights were a great solution to keeping her newborn son warm but struggled to find tights designed for boys. As Kathleen and her partner could only find girly tights to keep their son warm, they decided to design their own tights specifically for him but then after realising that there was a gap in the market, Slugs and Snails was born.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

I was glad to see that they make these tights for boys. Tights that, unlike trousers, allow your child the freedom to bend and move freely and unrestricted and are still bold and robust. 

Slugs & Snails have a whole range of designs of funky tights from bright and bold to spooky and scary Halloween suitable ones. Since Charlie is between sizes at the minutes, we were sent 3 different sizes, 18-24 month, 2-3 years and then a pair of 3-4 years for Thomas (well we didn't want to leave him out) which arrived in a neat box with a transparent plastic window showing off the cool designs.  Both boys had a pair of Spooked tights and Charlie had an extra pair of Ivor Spider tights too. 

I love the bright, vibrant and bold colour of the Ivor Spider tights and these will go perfectly with Charlie's outfit for upcoming Halloween. I think my boys look very cute in the tights which are great worn on their own with a vest or t-shirt or can be worn under clothes to keep the boys warm.  

Slugs & Snails tights are very soft to touch but very thick too and will withstand all the rough activities both boys get up to. They are also extremely well made with fantastic, hard-wearing stitching and anti-slips soles so the boys don't go sliding over our tiled kitchen as they are giving enough extra grip to stop them from slipping over.

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, review, Slugs & Snails, Tights, Yorkshire Blog

Slugs and Snails is the first company in the UK and Ireland to design and produce tights just for boys and I totally agree with the slugs & Snail moto and think everyone else should try it too:
Don’t try to fit in, you were born to stand out!

You can purchase the tights from the Slugs & Snails website and check out all their other designs too whilst you are there.