The Big 2... Oh!

Isn't it funny how life just seems to fly past sometimes?

Charlie will be turning 2 year old on Wednesday and I really don't know where the time has gone. It seems like only last week that we were bringing him home from the hospital to meet his big brother for the first time.

It feels like we have done nothing in these 2 years and like I have blinked my eyes and flown forward in time.

So, like any other parent usually does in these younger years, I've planned a little tea party for Charlie so we can all celebrate his birthday. Of course all the family will be there but also, a few friends are coming too, little ones to help celebrate with us.
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For that reason, I had planned to make up a few party bags so that the children would have some little bits to take home with them after the party. I have looked around to buy the little trinkets and sweets that come inside but it all seemed to add up and become quite expensive. 
I then came across these party bags which come pre-made to save the hassle of buying everything ourself. Not only that but there is so much choice to suit different ages and for girls or boys. What a fantastic idea!

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging,
Then I thought we would need some little toys for games such as pass the parcel. I could wrap them and wrap them and wrap them until we had a present big enough for children to pass around and play the game to pass the time. 
I found that Hawkins Bazaar do a great range of small pocket money toys which would be perfect as little extras to put into the pass the parcel and that they also do little retro toys which would come in handy as the main toy inside the parcel itself. 

It's so great to be able to get a few things in one place and no it means that all the party things are sorted and will be ready to give out on his birthday.

I can't wait!

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  1. aww Happy Birthday to Charlie for Wednesday

  2. Annie Costa @LaaMoii20:28

    I love the little party bags!

  3. hope he has a lovely birthday

  4. Hawkins Bazaar is fabulous! My first port of cal for boys stocking fillers, so much fun stuff! Happy Birthday to Charlie, have a fab day xx

  5. Times does fly when you become a mum - so you should cherish every moment and milestone as you can never go back!

  6. Happy Birthday Charlie! Hope he has a fab day!! x

  7. jen russon21:35

    Happy birthday Charlie! Time does fly :( Oooh I've never heard of Hawkins Bazaar! I'm going to take a nose now!

  8. I hope Charlie had a lovely birthday with loads of presents