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As a parent I know just how much we have a need to make our babies and children comfortable in life and so will forever be trying out new products, new brands and even a totally knew way of living just to make sure our children are comfy.

Finding the right products for you and your child can be hard, especially when there is such a vast range out there, but what do we need? What are the products that are just a waste and what are the ones that are a godsend, the perfect products?

Well, only you can answer that question...

Every product is made for an individual and as we know, everyone is different. What one person may like another will hate and so a definite answer on this subject is not possible. It is down to personal preference.  

When you go to buy a baby product make sure you take in to account how it will fit into your life. There is no point buying a certain cot just because one of your friends said it is good because, what if it doesn't fit in your space? Measure the spaces you have a thoroughly check items online using blogs (like this one) to see what others have thought about the things you are buying. 

Make a list of everything you think you will need and then go through it buying the products that fit in with your life, your style and house better. 
Look online for deals and try to make multiple purchases from the same place to save on delivery costs. 

I remember someone telling me that I should not, in no circumstances, waste my money on a moses basket because they take up space and babies don't actually like them. This was actually far from the truth because both of my boys preferred sleeping in a Moses basket rather than a cot. So makes sure you go on your own intuition as a parent can only learn by their own mistakes.

If you want something different then that is up to you. Go for a pair of sheepskin boots as they will be perfect for these winter months anyway.
Pay a bit extra for the pram which is a bit more colourful or pay less if you don't have as much money. Or even baby wear rather than using a pram. It is up to you, you are the parent and you have to live with what you buy.

Yes, do take other peoples advice into consideration but at the end of the day, that's all it is, advice. You choose what you think is best.

It doesn't have to be the perfect product for everyone, just the perfect product for you!

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  1. Well said - some sound advice thanks!

  2. Annie Costa @LaaMoii09:02

    Great advice,thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous11:16

    Great tips :)

  4. great stuff! we went for a lot of second hand items, they are not used for very long and most have been resold for the price we paid

  5. I find that I can't even rely on what I liked for my first for my second! With a new baby and new personality, some of the things I loved, like the baby swing, my second baby doesn't like!

  6. Well said, I used to be really bothered when people said to me "oh that's a waste of money" but now I shrug it off. I buy items for my use, not others :)