Back to School with Boots

We have now officially done a full month at school now and the routine should be just about in full swing. But what happens when the routine goes out of the window and something happens such as illnesses, accidents etc? 

Well now you can be prepared as Boots have created a Back to School Wall Chart which gives you hints, tips and advice from Boots own Health Experts and parents from the blogging community. It shows exactly what the health professionals advise, what bloggers tips are and the perfect products to help protect your children. 

To have a look at the full three pages of the wall chart for yourself, just head on over to the Boots UK blog. You can have a look to see if there are any tips that will help you and your family.

Things like taking vitamin supplements to keep the immune system in tip top shape and always having a first aid kit handy as children can fall over there own feet sometimes. Or even, with the new school term, make sure that you have some blister plasters as those new school shoes could rub and make your child uncomfortable. 

Keep an eye on our blog as there will be another post soon showing how we got on with a few of the products shown on the wall chart and what we think of the tips too. 


  1. @sasofsussex22:02

    Interesting post. In regards to vitamins,p eople forget about vitamin B12 a lot but it is so important for developing babies, (especially breastfed ones) and gives you energy too, but isn't talked about much :)

  2. I have learned things from this post. Thank you xxx

  3. I love boots as it always has everything I need .this was a very informative article with lots of interesting points.think I will have to buy a nasal spray as I am always plagued with colds in winter

  4. This is a good idea, both my sons take vitamin c tablets, as I think they are important.

  5. Anonymous16:52

    Thanks for this will def being looking into this for my little ones

    Harley Richardson

  6. Annie Costa @LaaMoii18:08

    Great idea,thanks for sharing!

  7. Pam Francis Gregory15:22

    That's for the article. Very interesting