Argh, Me Hearties

Being in a family with 3 males, it was inevitable that I would get stuck doing boyish things all the time. I was dreading the guns, fighting and all the usual male behaviour that I would have to put up with from them. But actually, so far anyway, there hasn't been much that I haven't liked. Thomas does like guns and a lot of boyish toys but he's not really fussed and will play with most things as long as it stimulates his mind. 

The one thing that both of the boys are in to at the moment is pirates. 

With cartoons, films and musicals around at the moment that all base around this, it has always been a favourite of the family. Thomas gets a bit obsessed though. His pyjamas have to have pirates on them, or a boat or something associated with pirates. 

Even places we go end up turning in to some sort of pirate game and it is great to see as it shows just how much imagination kids do in fact have.

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,Lakes become the swirling sea

Sticks become swords

Climbing frames become their scurry ship

Children's imaginations are so beautiful and a priceless tool for keeping them occupied during the holidays. So that got me to thinking, could we possibly go somewhere and do things based on this love for pirates?

Avast! Me hearties. Yes we can. 

There is fun to be had in our local town centre as they have opened a beach for the school holidays. Not only is there sand, water and bbq food, but they also have a pirate ship there which you can walk around and Thomas loves this. Getting to walk round and act like a real pirate, how much fun is that.

You can now even go on pirate family holidays at the Pirates Village, Gran Santa Ponsa where you can have an amazing experience playing pirate games and going on treasure hunts around the whole resort. Even the food and drink are fit for a captain. 

How amazing is that? Not only do your children get to have the most fun time ever, but you can top up your tan in sunny Majorca at the same time. 

It is so nice that both boys have this love for pirates in common and I think we'll be finding more pirate related things to do to keep them both occupied in the future. 

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  1. Aww! Fab photo! He makes a fantastic pirate!!
    Those pirate family holidays sound amazing!!
    I sometimes wish I had boys....It's all fairys and princesses here with a touch of One Direction...lol

  2. Im in a family with 3 males so I know how you feel. We have never actually been on a pirate holiday but will aim to go next time we are in Majorca

  3. LOL my boys are the same! Love pirates! They have already decided on their Halloween costumes (yes it is next month!!!!!!) and they want to be pirates!!!

  4. Judith Luscombe10:53

    As we live in Cornwall, my boys have been brought up with stories of piracy around our beautiful Cornish coasts and beaches so they love the idea of dressing up as pirates

  5. Pam Francis Gregory20:26

    Playing Pirates was always my favourite growing up.

  6. Judith Luscombe17:38

    Just noticed in "Next" today that they have a child's bed in the shape of a boat all decked out with Pirate accessories.