Dinosaur Train Toys By TOMY

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We have reviewed the main part of the Dinosaur Train range before when we wrote about the dinosaur Interaction figures and now our next haul has come in the form of the smaller collectable figures and the actual dinosaur train itself. In our box of delights, we received: 

  • Lights & Sounds Train with Laura
  • Buddy with Train Car
  • Conductor with Train Car
  • Derek, Ollie & Mr Pteranodon

Each of the carriages, even the separate packs, connect together and all of the dinosaurs come with a little hole in their foot which connects them onto the dinosaur train so they don't fall over. 
Ours weren't really affected by that though as Charlie thought it would be more fun to have as many dinosaurs in each carriage as possible, I just hope that none of herbivores are mixed with the carnivores or we may have some trouble on board!

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,

The train itself lights up and makes noises when the button at the front is pressed which Thomas loves to do and although the dinosaurs don't make noises, the boys enjoy making the 'roars' themselves and I think that this promotes more imaginative play as they are joining in with it all too.

Each of the figures has their own name so Thomas can identify them easier and they are very detailed in design. Not only that but since they come in a pack of 3, Thomas has asked if he can have some more for Christmas to build his collection.

Have a look at the Dinosaur Train in use in our small video:

Unlike the Interaction Figures, which had moving parts, these dinosaurs don't and are more for collecting or using on the train itself. They are small in size too and at £4.99 for a pack of 3, are perfect for little boys when they get their pocket money. 

You can see more of the Dinosaur Train toys on the TOMY website.

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,


  1. They do look like fun.
    We so have to get some new toys...

  2. How cute! my girls love this show

  3. This is cute. I think anyone who loves dinosaurs and trains will love this. Although it doesn't roar, I think kids will love making their own roars like boys did.

  4. Such a lovely review thank you!

  5. My daughter love's the Tv show I have only just found out they even existed, but she's been watching it for a while, so my wife tells me.

  6. My little one is dinosaur mad so will get some for Christmas. Great review,thanks :)