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Lately we have had some great weather. Lovely and hot with a very bright sun and this means that the sun cream gets brought out. After finding some sun cream in our cupboard, I covered Thomas in it for nursery and sent him on his way. 
On picking him up I was alerted by his teachers that he had come out in a rash which they didn't know where from and so I was worried. Could it be chicken pox or something serious? No, it was the sun cream which his skin didn't seem to like. 
He had to spend the next few days stuck inside until the rash had gone and I so put a plea out on Twitter for people to let me know which was the best sun creams to get for sensitive skin that still has a high SPF. 
Straight away a few fellow mummy bloggers recommended SunSense and so I tweeted them. After seeing our plea and luckily for me, they were more than happy to work with us and quickly sent out some creams to try.

We received four different creams, Ultra, Toddler Milk, SunSensitive and Daily Face, all have an SPF of 50 and are perfect for sensitive skin and protecting against the suns rays.

The SunSense range includes sunscreens for everyone, and has been specially formulated using high quality ingredients that quickly bond to skin.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

This is a light and easy-to-apply lotion that the whole family can use and has an SPF of 50+ protection. It is water resistant for up to 4 hours and is available in a 500ml pump, 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on. 
We were sent the roll-on which I find fantastic. I can just pop it into my bag and it takes up hardly any space. It is also easy for applying, especially for younger children, as it rolls straight on, simple and easy. 

Toddler Milk
This milk has been designed for the delicate skin of babies and children. It provides an SPF 50 but contains lower levels of substances, which are usually the causes of irritation to children's and babies skin. This cream is water resistant for only 40 minutes but if you have young children then you will probably be applying cream all the time anyway. 
The Toddler Milk is available in a handy 50ml roll-on and a 125ml bottle.

Sunsensitive contains no chemical absorbers and therefore is suitable for very sensitive skin and provides SPF 50+ protection from the sun with 4 hours water resistance. It contains no lanolin or fragrances, again, this is to minimise the risk of irritation to sensitive skin. 
SunSensitive is available in a 100g tube, perfect for squeezing out onto the skin and rubbing in easily. 

Daily Face
This is a soft cream which has an oil-free base and is tinted for a sheer matt finish and can be used as a daily cream instead of using other creams. 
It has a subtle tint to it and is great for my usually oily complexion and the matt finish and oil-free base are ideal for people with combination skin.
Available in a 75g tube which is the perfect size for popping into your bag for an easy top up whilst your out and about.

Each formula is unique and free from PABA derivatives and lanolin, has been dermatologically tested and uses high quality ingredients that quickly 
bond to the skin.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

This has been actually the perfect time to try out the SunSense range as the weather has been scorching. This means that extra precautions have to be taken, especially for the kids, whilst out and about in the sun. 
Each of the creams have a delicate feel and dodn't 'cake' the skin like other sun creams I've used. Even Thomas' super sensitive skin was protected and he had no irritation at all. 

Families love using it too – in a recent survey, parents found SunSense ‘nice to apply’ and ‘easy to rub in, even when applied liberally’, while 100% would recommend the brand to other parents, friends and family

SunSense may be more expensive than the usual creams I'd buy but to be very honest, the quality is better and the fact that I can use it on my kids skin without having any irritation means that it is value for money in my eyes. 

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog
You can purchase SunSense online and instore at various different retailers. 

SunSense can be followed on Twitter and on Facebook.

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. I have a sample of this, or did have and was quite impressed xx


  2. We were recently sent some too. Absolutely brilliant products - the tinted daily face cream is amazing and Dexter and I have been sharing the Ultra. Can't recommend it highly enough.

  3. Never tried it. I will have to look for it.

  4. I am being sent some to try love that its SPF 50 as I am very pale and burn so easily.

  5. Will have to try this -dd seems to be allergic to every sun cream on the market so far!

  6. I just bought these yesterday - thanks to your review!

  7. Nicola Lynch06:02

    Bought the toddler milk for the 1st time after reading your review and love it. Think I'll try the face cream for me next! Thanks for your review :-)

  8. I so needed some of this during the summer. My little man also came out in a rash... well it made his excema severely flare up. I'll keep the name in mind and keep an eye out for it next year.


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