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As you all know, as I haven't shut up talking about it, Thomas starts full time school in September. He'll no longer be my little baby and will be a big boy. I've been looking into products which I can buy for him but since everything seems so expensive, uniforms, lunch boxes and the like, I hated the thought of spending a fortune and it getting misplaced at school because the teachers didn't know it was Thomas'. After searching the internet to find ways of overcoming this situation, I came across Stuck On You who make children's name labels and gifts. 

Stuck On You began in 1995 in Australia when the owner, Carrie, needed name labels for her children's possessions and came up with the idea. It is in fact, the very first of their type on the market and has since become a huge name around the whole of the globe. Stuck On You is Australian owned and all of their labels are created and personalised in Australia meaning that when we order, they go on their own journey right across from the other side of the world. 

They have a vast range of name labels of all shapes and sizes but also do a wide range of personalised gifts too. Also, they have a range of personalised party accessories which I think is a fab idea. They are concentrating on the Back To School range at the moment which is perfect timing for us.

I was so happy when they agreed to send us some items to review but then had the hard task of choosing from all of the great products. We were basing it on what Thomas would use for school, what would help him and how they could be used to our advantage. We chose a whole variety of products.

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog,

Artist Series Lunch box
I chose a lunch box because at the moment, we haven't decided whether Thomas will have school dinners or a packed lunch. He is very fussy with food and so we are going to start on school dinners and if he doesn't like them then we will change. For that reason I thought it best to have a lunch box ready and this one ticks all the boxes. Not only is it the perfect size to fit all the food components for lunch and have an insulated lining to keep food fresher and cooler for longer, but it is also a personalised lunchbox which is made to suit your child's personality. We went for the 'Zzzap Rocket' design which Thomas loves, especially so since it says his name on it. After using it a few times to take food to the park and have our own mini picnic I can see why they are so popular. It is a quality and very durable product which Thomas loves using.

5+ Value Pack of Labels
This is a pack of all the personalised tags and stickers you will need for your child. It comprises of Classic Iron On Labels, Classic Small Name Labels, Classic Shoe Dots, Classic Mini/Pencil Labels and Classic Personalised Bag Tag, each one having its own purpose and coming in handy. 
The iron on labels are great for keeping all Thomas' clothing safe. I'm cautious sending him to nursery with expensive clothing on in case he takes his jacket off and loses it. With the labels it means that the teacher knows it is his and so it will always find its way back to him. I can see these being very popular when he starts school and we have all his uniform to label. 
Each of the other items also are useful for tagging his things. Pencils ,which always seem to go missing, shoes and even the small name labels which are perfect for his toys that he sometimes takes to nursery with him. 

Artist Series Activity Pack
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I think this set is fantastic as it has everything you need for your little artist to show his true colours and personality in drawings whilst we have the comfort of knowing that he wont lose his possessions. The Large Pocket Pencil case is the perfect size for taking Thomas's reading books to school and has a handy zip so nothing can fall out. The fact that it has his name is ideal too so we can differentiate whose is whose. 
It comes with an activity book, full of cute little games and activities to keep his mind ticking, and a mini scribbler which is the perfect size for Thomas's little drawings. Not only them but it comes with a pack of coloured markers and colouring pencils. Tag them with the pencil labels from the value pack above and he's got instant personalised pencils. 

Drink Bottle
One thing that Thomas is always in need of is a drink bottle, especially in this hot weather as he is forever drinking water to keep him hydrated and cool. We usually would send him to nursery with a plastic sports bottle which had a sticker on his with Thomas's name wrote onto it. This became a problem though as not only did the water become warm after a while but the label would come off when it was getting washed out. The Stuck On you personalised drink bottle combats all of these issues. It is made from stainless steel which keeps the bottle insulated and cool for longer and also comes personalised, as you'd expect from Stuck On you, with Thomas's name and design which is the 'Space Journey' design. Thomas loves the fact that he has his own special bottle to take to nursery with him.

Personalised Book
Thomas loves learning his numbers and letter and so I think these books are a good idea. They again come personalised with the child's name and have sections inside either counting or reciting the alphabet. When a letter/number is learned, the page can be coloured in, dated and then on to the next respective letter of number in order. 
I chose the 123 Learning Book as Thomas loves to count and I thought that this would be great to help him to learn what each number looked like. 

I cannot believe the quality and value of the Stuck On You range and give the range a big thumbs up for durability and customer service.

Artist Series Lunch box £18.99
5+ Value Pack of Labels £24.99
Artist Series Activity Pack £24.99
Drink bottle £15.99
Personalised Book £12.99

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Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog,

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


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