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Any toys that are educational are ideal in my eyes. Not only do children get to play and have some fantastic toys, but they also learn in the process. What's not to love? The TOMY Play to Learn range is just that. 
A range of toys which not only come in different shapes and sizes, but are also perfect for learning and growing a child's mind.

So when we were sent some of this range to review, I couldn't wait to get to grips and help the boys in learning new things. 

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This is a lovely toy. Not only do children get to run around the room magically collecting balls into it the popper but you also get to shoot them back out of the chute afterwards. 
You just simply roll over the ball with the popper unit and it will pick the balls up ready for the fun to start when they get shot out again. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, doesn't require batteries as it is all mechanical and is suitable for children 18 month and over.
The only problem we have found with the Pic n Pop is that it comes with 5 balls yet only 4 will fit into the popper machine. Cue an argumentative 4 year old who doesn't like to be told what to do and we had problems because Thomas kept trying to squeeze the fifth ball in and the popper was squeaking (even toys don't like being stretched!).
After a bit of explaining and eventually hiding the fifth ball, we got back on track. Both boys love running round the room with it and shooting the colourful balls all around.

Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs
The staple of the TOMY range. The Hide n Squeak Eggs are loved by everyone. 'Crack' open the eggs to reveal brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks inside.
Each chick has a coordinating shell, with the eyes matching the colours inside. The shape sorting game is great for eager learners as it is based around matching egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box to fit.

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging

Mr Colour Maker

This was the toy that we couldn't wait to test. Mr Colour Maker is the first toy of this kind to teach children colours and colour creation in an engaging and fun way with no mess, the paint is imaginary and based on light-play.
You simply hold one of the 3 colour pots over Mr Colour Maker and watch as the mixing pot lights up with that colour. Or so that's what's supposed to happen. No matter how much Thomas and I tried, we could not get the colours to mix together.
The premise is that, once you mix 2 colours into the pot, they will combine to create the new colour, red and blue to make purple, yellow and red to make orange and so on and yes, this did happen sometimes but other times it seemed to stick at the first colour and not change.
I'm not entirely sure if we were doing it correctly though as my husband can get it to work (it must like men!) and change colours, mix together and help children learn about colours and how they can combine.
It does however, sing the rainbow song, which is great for Thomas as he now sings along with it and the pot lights up to the corresponding colour when it says each of the colours too.

To see the toys in use then check out our video.

I think these toys are great for children around about the age where they are learning new things and taking things in easily. They not only promote learning but learning through play so children get to run around with their favourite toys whilst also learning new skills. 

The Play to Learn range can be purchased from all good retailers.
You can follow TOMY on Facebook and on Twitter for all updates about their new and upcoming toy ranges.

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- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. Wow, great video. Love the eggs :-)

  2. Fab... Really enjoyed reading article and watching video

  3. My son has the eggs but the mr mixer looks brilliant, think I may have to buy him on with his birthday money :)

  4. I love Tomy toys, have made a note of a few of these items

  5. Tomy toys are amazing! They last for years. I love the look of the mr mixer!

  6. Hafsah12:16

    The Hide n Squeak eggs look so cute! ~

  7. We have the Hide n Squeak eggs from when my kids were younger and they loved them, they won't let me get rid of them!

  8. My children had the hide and squeak eggs they loved them

  9. My daughter has Mr Colour Maker and loves it!

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