Happy Anniversary: 5 Years today

Today, at this exact moment, I was walking down the aisle to get married. 

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Getting ready to say my vows.

Shaking with nerves and very much overwhelmed at what was happening.

Wearing a beautiful handmade gown, made specifically for me.

Looking towards this man who would soon become my husband and not long after that would bless me with 2 gorgeous little boys.

5 years! It's been 5 years since the day we got married and I still remember it so clearly. 

The gorgeous cake that my mum had spent months making, the food which was a mix of everything as all our family had made their own unique dishes for our feast, the streamers and balloons all around making it oh so cheery, the music playing which I had compiled myself to play all our favourite songs, perfect, just perfect.

My gorgeous hair which had taken 3 hours for my hairdresser to do. The extensions which then took me 2 hours to get out, soaking them in the bath, afterwards. 

And you know, all this nearly didn't happen. Within one month, the recession hit us and both Simon and I, were made redundant. Me from a legal firm who were moving to Hull and Simon from a decorating company who had shut down. We were gutted, all this planning for nothing. We couldn't afford anything with no money coming in. my dress was half paid for, we would lose everything.

Then my family stepped in. My parents paid for everything, my dress, the flowers, making and paying for the cake, suits, shoes, everything we needed. my hairdresser paid for my hair extensions and did my hair for free. The whole family then came together to sort the food, my grandma doing her world famous Cornish pasties, Indian food brought by friends and everything was complete thanks to the help of everyone around us who wanted to make our special day even better as we knew we had all our family and friends supporting us.

Now, 5 years later, I look at my family, at our life and can't believe how long ago it all was.

Who knew how much my life would change from just saying 'I do'

Here's to my husband whom I love with all my hearts, here's to the future and many more years to come...


  1. Happy anniversary!!
    You looked stunning x

  2. Happy Anniversary!! It lovely that you had the support to make it such an amazing day regardless..heres to many more happy years for you :)

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!


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