AEG UltraCaptic - First Thoughts

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Now we've had a couple of weeks to get to grips with the AEG UltraCaptic vacuum, I thought I would update you all as to how we have been getting along with it.

Since I love cleaning, this is my ideal review item and getting to grips with it was so simple.
Opening the box, I found the pieces and attached them all together with ease. The instructions aren't exactly what I would call 'detailed' but are good enough to understand what goes where, which bits to use and the drawings point everything out too.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

The vacuum itself is so simple. Two buttons, one is the on/off switch and the other is for retracting the wire. It also has a flick-able switch in the middle which turns the suction high to low.

Obviously, the first thing I did was plug it in and test it out and wow!!! The suction on this beast is immense. It literally stuck to our floor. I was impressed.

But then it got better... Or worse if you're a clean freak like me.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog
The dirt from our rug
It picked up so much dirt and dust from our livingroom carpet that I was actually disgusted with myself. How come it could pick so much up when I vacuum every day. Why wasn't my old vacuum doing it's job. Eurgh! I'm obviously just a dirty slob.

After expecting to see hardly anything go into the vacuum, I was actually stunned that it could pick up so much from our carpet. Just our living room carpet, well actually, not even our whole carpet. The dust and dirt (as shown in the photo on the right) is just from our rug.

To show just how quick the AEG UltraCaptic can pick up, I have done a very short video showing it picking up some popcorn which my sons decided to play with on the floor. Check it out:

Now I know this is only a small video but I though that it would be great to show just how we have got on with it over the first few weeks and how good it picks up.

I hope you come back next week to see how it's got on with cleaning a variety of different surfaces.

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. Wow, it looks great! Want one too!!!

  2. I deffo need one of these!

  3. looks great! picking out a new hoover is a nightmare, so good to get a review

  4. That does looks like a high quality vacuum cleaner.