AEG UltraCaptic - 3 in 1

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Our house has a variety of  floor types from carpet in the livingroom and bedrooms, tiles in the kitchen, lino in the bottom toilet and a huge fluffy rug in our livingroom meaning that the AEG UltraCaptic really has been put through it's paces with regards to variety. 

Not that this has been a problem. The AEG UltraCaptic comes with three different nozzles, each one designed for different floor types so you'll always get the best, deep down clean needed for a germ free home. 

We have had problems in the past with vacuums not picking bits up from deep inside the huge rug in our livingroom and would regularly find some 18th century piece of toast hiding in there somewhere. The Turbo nozzle is perfect for cleaning this and easily gets deep into the fibres of the shaggy rug and clean every last bit. Actually, the first time we used the AEG UltraCaptic was to clean this exact rug and I remember looking on in amazement (and a bit of disgust) seeing just how much dirt it picked up. 

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging,

When I'm in a rush to clean I will usually do the hallway and kitchen together, one tiled and the other carpetted. The Silent AeroPro Silent nozzle is perfect for this as it can be switched between hard and carpeted flooring at a simple click of a button to clean with ease. 

The last nozzle in the trio is the hard flooring one. This is best used on wooden, tiled and lino flooring. We don't have wooden flooring but my parents have borrowed this vacuum to have a go on their floors, even my dad had a go and eventually gave us it back after exclaiming that 'the suction is so good that it nearly sucked up our laminate' and vowing to come round and borrow it every time they want to do a deep clean of their carpets and flooring. 

The AEG UltraCaptic with its 3 amazing nozzles is brilliant at cleaning and it's telescopic handle, which can be lengthened or shortened, is perfect for cleaners of any size (even our little rascals got in on the action).

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging,

It is quite a hefty piece of machinery though, weighing in at around 6.9kg which can cause a struggle whilst carrying it upstairs to clean but this is easily outweighed by it's power and cleaning performance. 

Keep an eye out for our future posts as I think it's about time we emptied this beast and showed you one of its other great features. 

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  1. Oh, I like the look of it!

  2. This looks amazing - love that fact that it does all 3 in one as well, takes up quite a lot less space than others might. Would have to get the other half to use it though with the weight.. Hmm wonder if he would mind. ;) xx

  3. I don't think I have seen anything like that.

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  4. Helen Jones12:02

    I've been using carpet cleaner birmingham and carpet cleaner sutton coldfield recently with no complaints…but the AEG UltraCaptic looks brilliant - especially looking at the waste fluid in there :o I'm sure my kids could fill that a few times haha :D

    One quick question if you don't mind... how does this compare to the Vax?

  5. Good brand and the vacuum looks great too

  6. Strange looking vacuum but sounds like it does the job!

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