AEG UltraCaptic - Compact & Go

We are now on to the fourth instalment of my posts about the AEG UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner. This week I am focusing on the main function of the UltraCaptic, the Compact & Go feature. 

With the Compact & Go feature you compact the dust before emptying it, allowing for a more controlled disposal of the compacted dust. You can also just compact the dust to gain capacity and then continue to vacuum for longer without having to empty the machine.

Have a look at our video to see how you Compact & Go quickly and easily.

As you can see, it is quite simple to do and the only thing I can advise is to do everything gently. You don't need to force the machine to get it to compact. 

Simply pull the handle up and then press it down gently to compact. You can then pull the handle up and towards yourself, gently, to take the compartment off. 
Hold it over the bin and press the button on the back and all the dust and dirt will fall into the bin without flying all over. 
Shut the base on the compartment and then gently (yes gently again!) press the compartment back into the vacuum and pull the handle back into place to secure it. 
And you're done. You've successfully mastered the Compact & Go feature on the AEG Ultracaptic. 

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


Happy Anniversary: 5 Years today

Today, at this exact moment, I was walking down the aisle to get married. 

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Getting ready to say my vows.

Shaking with nerves and very much overwhelmed at what was happening.

Wearing a beautiful handmade gown, made specifically for me.

Looking towards this man who would soon become my husband and not long after that would bless me with 2 gorgeous little boys.

5 years! It's been 5 years since the day we got married and I still remember it so clearly. 

The gorgeous cake that my mum had spent months making, the food which was a mix of everything as all our family had made their own unique dishes for our feast, the streamers and balloons all around making it oh so cheery, the music playing which I had compiled myself to play all our favourite songs, perfect, just perfect.

My gorgeous hair which had taken 3 hours for my hairdresser to do. The extensions which then took me 2 hours to get out, soaking them in the bath, afterwards. 

And you know, all this nearly didn't happen. Within one month, the recession hit us and both Simon and I, were made redundant. Me from a legal firm who were moving to Hull and Simon from a decorating company who had shut down. We were gutted, all this planning for nothing. We couldn't afford anything with no money coming in. my dress was half paid for, we would lose everything.

Then my family stepped in. My parents paid for everything, my dress, the flowers, making and paying for the cake, suits, shoes, everything we needed. my hairdresser paid for my hair extensions and did my hair for free. The whole family then came together to sort the food, my grandma doing her world famous Cornish pasties, Indian food brought by friends and everything was complete thanks to the help of everyone around us who wanted to make our special day even better as we knew we had all our family and friends supporting us.

Now, 5 years later, I look at my family, at our life and can't believe how long ago it all was.

Who knew how much my life would change from just saying 'I do'

Here's to my husband whom I love with all my hearts, here's to the future and many more years to come...


AEG UltraCaptic - 3 in 1

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Our house has a variety of  floor types from carpet in the livingroom and bedrooms, tiles in the kitchen, lino in the bottom toilet and a huge fluffy rug in our livingroom meaning that the AEG UltraCaptic really has been put through it's paces with regards to variety. 

Not that this has been a problem. The AEG UltraCaptic comes with three different nozzles, each one designed for different floor types so you'll always get the best, deep down clean needed for a germ free home. 

We have had problems in the past with vacuums not picking bits up from deep inside the huge rug in our livingroom and would regularly find some 18th century piece of toast hiding in there somewhere. The Turbo nozzle is perfect for cleaning this and easily gets deep into the fibres of the shaggy rug and clean every last bit. Actually, the first time we used the AEG UltraCaptic was to clean this exact rug and I remember looking on in amazement (and a bit of disgust) seeing just how much dirt it picked up. 

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When I'm in a rush to clean I will usually do the hallway and kitchen together, one tiled and the other carpetted. The Silent AeroPro Silent nozzle is perfect for this as it can be switched between hard and carpeted flooring at a simple click of a button to clean with ease. 

The last nozzle in the trio is the hard flooring one. This is best used on wooden, tiled and lino flooring. We don't have wooden flooring but my parents have borrowed this vacuum to have a go on their floors, even my dad had a go and eventually gave us it back after exclaiming that 'the suction is so good that it nearly sucked up our laminate' and vowing to come round and borrow it every time they want to do a deep clean of their carpets and flooring. 

The AEG UltraCaptic with its 3 amazing nozzles is brilliant at cleaning and it's telescopic handle, which can be lengthened or shortened, is perfect for cleaners of any size (even our little rascals got in on the action).

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It is quite a hefty piece of machinery though, weighing in at around 6.9kg which can cause a struggle whilst carrying it upstairs to clean but this is easily outweighed by it's power and cleaning performance. 

Keep an eye out for our future posts as I think it's about time we emptied this beast and showed you one of its other great features. 

Life in a Break Down

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


Weak Immune System and MCV

I'm starting to think that Thomas has a weak immune system as he has now come down with a further illness.

In the past few weeks he has been struck with Hand, Foot & Mouth and Prickly Heat which have caused him pain and discomfort but now we have hit something that is worse.

After seeing what looked like little warts on his body that were causing pain, I took him to see our GP. The GP knew straight away what it was... the Molluscum Contagiosum Virus.

Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral infection that affects the skin. It is highly contagious and easily spread through skin-to-skin contact with someone who is infected or it can be passed on by touching contaminated objects

Molluscum Contagiosum usually clears up on its own after 12-18 month. Yes! It could take up to a year and a half to fully go away!

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Treatment is not recommended because the infection usually clears up on its own and it doesn't interfere with everyday activities. Also many treatments can be painful and may cause scarring or burn the surrounding skin so these are never done in children's cases. 

It is most prominent in young children but doesn't usually affect many people due to our immune system fighting it off. Thomas' hasn't done this and so he is covered, head to toe, in a huge rash which are itchy and can grow quite big and look similar to water warts. 

Even though, as you can guess by it's name, Molluscum Contagiosum is highly contagious, but most people are resistant to the virus meaning that they are unlikely to develop the condition if they are exposed to the virus so Thomas can go on doing everything as normal. 

On average,  a person infected will get a few of the lesions in one spot which can spread but others who have a weak immune system can get more, covering the body. This is the reason why I think Thomas may have a weak immune system. They aren't in one place, they cover his whole body and he is in pain from the itchiness of them. I feel so upset that he's having to go through this and wish it would just go away. But no, it's looks like we are in this one for the long-haul and just have to wait it out. 

My poor little boy...

*Update: After all this fretting and Thomas been in pain from the spots, we went to see the emergency doctors who confirmed that Thomas had been misdiagnosed and that he in fact had chicken pox. 
I am glad, for him, that these will now be gone within a few weeks but am also upset that for 2 days, we put nothing on the spots to help them and so the itchiness and pain was there all the time. No wonder he was constantly crying.


Stuck On You

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As you all know, as I haven't shut up talking about it, Thomas starts full time school in September. He'll no longer be my little baby and will be a big boy. I've been looking into products which I can buy for him but since everything seems so expensive, uniforms, lunch boxes and the like, I hated the thought of spending a fortune and it getting misplaced at school because the teachers didn't know it was Thomas'. After searching the internet to find ways of overcoming this situation, I came across Stuck On You who make children's name labels and gifts. 

Stuck On You began in 1995 in Australia when the owner, Carrie, needed name labels for her children's possessions and came up with the idea. It is in fact, the very first of their type on the market and has since become a huge name around the whole of the globe. Stuck On You is Australian owned and all of their labels are created and personalised in Australia meaning that when we order, they go on their own journey right across from the other side of the world. 

They have a vast range of name labels of all shapes and sizes but also do a wide range of personalised gifts too. Also, they have a range of personalised party accessories which I think is a fab idea. They are concentrating on the Back To School range at the moment which is perfect timing for us.

I was so happy when they agreed to send us some items to review but then had the hard task of choosing from all of the great products. We were basing it on what Thomas would use for school, what would help him and how they could be used to our advantage. We chose a whole variety of products.

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Artist Series Lunch box
I chose a lunch box because at the moment, we haven't decided whether Thomas will have school dinners or a packed lunch. He is very fussy with food and so we are going to start on school dinners and if he doesn't like them then we will change. For that reason I thought it best to have a lunch box ready and this one ticks all the boxes. Not only is it the perfect size to fit all the food components for lunch and have an insulated lining to keep food fresher and cooler for longer, but it is also a personalised lunchbox which is made to suit your child's personality. We went for the 'Zzzap Rocket' design which Thomas loves, especially so since it says his name on it. After using it a few times to take food to the park and have our own mini picnic I can see why they are so popular. It is a quality and very durable product which Thomas loves using.

5+ Value Pack of Labels
This is a pack of all the personalised tags and stickers you will need for your child. It comprises of Classic Iron On Labels, Classic Small Name Labels, Classic Shoe Dots, Classic Mini/Pencil Labels and Classic Personalised Bag Tag, each one having its own purpose and coming in handy. 
The iron on labels are great for keeping all Thomas' clothing safe. I'm cautious sending him to nursery with expensive clothing on in case he takes his jacket off and loses it. With the labels it means that the teacher knows it is his and so it will always find its way back to him. I can see these being very popular when he starts school and we have all his uniform to label. 
Each of the other items also are useful for tagging his things. Pencils ,which always seem to go missing, shoes and even the small name labels which are perfect for his toys that he sometimes takes to nursery with him. 

Artist Series Activity Pack
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I think this set is fantastic as it has everything you need for your little artist to show his true colours and personality in drawings whilst we have the comfort of knowing that he wont lose his possessions. The Large Pocket Pencil case is the perfect size for taking Thomas's reading books to school and has a handy zip so nothing can fall out. The fact that it has his name is ideal too so we can differentiate whose is whose. 
It comes with an activity book, full of cute little games and activities to keep his mind ticking, and a mini scribbler which is the perfect size for Thomas's little drawings. Not only them but it comes with a pack of coloured markers and colouring pencils. Tag them with the pencil labels from the value pack above and he's got instant personalised pencils. 

Drink Bottle
One thing that Thomas is always in need of is a drink bottle, especially in this hot weather as he is forever drinking water to keep him hydrated and cool. We usually would send him to nursery with a plastic sports bottle which had a sticker on his with Thomas's name wrote onto it. This became a problem though as not only did the water become warm after a while but the label would come off when it was getting washed out. The Stuck On you personalised drink bottle combats all of these issues. It is made from stainless steel which keeps the bottle insulated and cool for longer and also comes personalised, as you'd expect from Stuck On you, with Thomas's name and design which is the 'Space Journey' design. Thomas loves the fact that he has his own special bottle to take to nursery with him.

Personalised Book
Thomas loves learning his numbers and letter and so I think these books are a good idea. They again come personalised with the child's name and have sections inside either counting or reciting the alphabet. When a letter/number is learned, the page can be coloured in, dated and then on to the next respective letter of number in order. 
I chose the 123 Learning Book as Thomas loves to count and I thought that this would be great to help him to learn what each number looked like. 

I cannot believe the quality and value of the Stuck On You range and give the range a big thumbs up for durability and customer service.

Artist Series Lunch box £18.99
5+ Value Pack of Labels £24.99
Artist Series Activity Pack £24.99
Drink bottle £15.99
Personalised Book £12.99

You can follow Stuck On You on Facebook, on Twitter and on Google+

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- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


20 Weeks...

Based on my initial scan, today I would have been 20 weeks pregnant.
Half way through our third pregnancy and time to start getting everything sorted.

This week would have been our date to get to see our little bundle again at a scan and hopefully get a glimpse of the sex of our baby.
I won't lie, I'm gutted. Gutted because I wanted a little girl. A mini me who I could dress up in cute dresses and play all the things that I used to play when I was little.

Time to start decorating our spare room into coordinating colours and buying all the baby essentials ready for our arrival.

Clothes, will they be pink or blue? None actually, I hate blue is for boys and pink being for girls so I mix colours a lot. I'm not one of those people that would have everything pink for a girl. I think it looks too much and overbearing but that's just me and my thoughts.

But sadly no, none of this will happen. No one will be buying gender specific clothing, toys and essentials. We won't be getting all giddy going to the gender scan or any other things that we would usually do at around this time.

It's so sad to realise what we have missed out on.


Play to Learn by TOMY


Any toys that are educational are ideal in my eyes. Not only do children get to play and have some fantastic toys, but they also learn in the process. What's not to love? The TOMY Play to Learn range is just that. 
A range of toys which not only come in different shapes and sizes, but are also perfect for learning and growing a child's mind.

So when we were sent some of this range to review, I couldn't wait to get to grips and help the boys in learning new things. 

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This is a lovely toy. Not only do children get to run around the room magically collecting balls into it the popper but you also get to shoot them back out of the chute afterwards. 
You just simply roll over the ball with the popper unit and it will pick the balls up ready for the fun to start when they get shot out again. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, doesn't require batteries as it is all mechanical and is suitable for children 18 month and over.
The only problem we have found with the Pic n Pop is that it comes with 5 balls yet only 4 will fit into the popper machine. Cue an argumentative 4 year old who doesn't like to be told what to do and we had problems because Thomas kept trying to squeeze the fifth ball in and the popper was squeaking (even toys don't like being stretched!).
After a bit of explaining and eventually hiding the fifth ball, we got back on track. Both boys love running round the room with it and shooting the colourful balls all around.

Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs
The staple of the TOMY range. The Hide n Squeak Eggs are loved by everyone. 'Crack' open the eggs to reveal brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks inside.
Each chick has a coordinating shell, with the eyes matching the colours inside. The shape sorting game is great for eager learners as it is based around matching egg bases to the right shaped hole in the box to fit.

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Mr Colour Maker

This was the toy that we couldn't wait to test. Mr Colour Maker is the first toy of this kind to teach children colours and colour creation in an engaging and fun way with no mess, the paint is imaginary and based on light-play.
You simply hold one of the 3 colour pots over Mr Colour Maker and watch as the mixing pot lights up with that colour. Or so that's what's supposed to happen. No matter how much Thomas and I tried, we could not get the colours to mix together.
The premise is that, once you mix 2 colours into the pot, they will combine to create the new colour, red and blue to make purple, yellow and red to make orange and so on and yes, this did happen sometimes but other times it seemed to stick at the first colour and not change.
I'm not entirely sure if we were doing it correctly though as my husband can get it to work (it must like men!) and change colours, mix together and help children learn about colours and how they can combine.
It does however, sing the rainbow song, which is great for Thomas as he now sings along with it and the pot lights up to the corresponding colour when it says each of the colours too.

To see the toys in use then check out our video.

I think these toys are great for children around about the age where they are learning new things and taking things in easily. They not only promote learning but learning through play so children get to run around with their favourite toys whilst also learning new skills. 

The Play to Learn range can be purchased from all good retailers.
You can follow TOMY on Facebook and on Twitter for all updates about their new and upcoming toy ranges.

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


SunSense Competition

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If you've been checking our blog then you will have seen that we have reviewed a range of the SunSense sun creams last week. You can see our review here
We loved the fact that they did differenet creams for all types of skin. SunSensitive suitable for sensitive skin and they also do a range specifically for children called Toddler milk. Some also come as a roll-on so they can easily be popped into your bag for when you need a top up whilst out and about.

Would you like to give this sun cream a try? Well you're in luck because SunSense have very kindly offered me a huge bundle for the whole family to give away. The bundle is worth nearly £100 so that's plenty to keep your family safe for the whole of the summer. 

The prize bundle consists of everything you see in the photo above. They are:
Daily Face £18.50
Ultra 500ml £31.99
Ultra Roll-on £8.99
SunSensitive £16.99
Toddler 125ml £14.50
Lipbalm £5.99
Wristbands x 6 
And a SunSense Frisbee

Please remember to check the T&C's at the bottom of the Rafflecopter application and our full terms here. This giveaway is open to the UK only and any entries left that do not follow the mandatory entries will be disqualified. After the compulsory entries, the Rafflecopter form will then open a round of optional extras, you do not have to enter any of these but these will give you extra entries into the competition.

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SunSense Sun Creams

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Lately we have had some great weather. Lovely and hot with a very bright sun and this means that the sun cream gets brought out. After finding some sun cream in our cupboard, I covered Thomas in it for nursery and sent him on his way. 
On picking him up I was alerted by his teachers that he had come out in a rash which they didn't know where from and so I was worried. Could it be chicken pox or something serious? No, it was the sun cream which his skin didn't seem to like. 
He had to spend the next few days stuck inside until the rash had gone and I so put a plea out on Twitter for people to let me know which was the best sun creams to get for sensitive skin that still has a high SPF. 
Straight away a few fellow mummy bloggers recommended SunSense and so I tweeted them. After seeing our plea and luckily for me, they were more than happy to work with us and quickly sent out some creams to try.

We received four different creams, Ultra, Toddler Milk, SunSensitive and Daily Face, all have an SPF of 50 and are perfect for sensitive skin and protecting against the suns rays.

The SunSense range includes sunscreens for everyone, and has been specially formulated using high quality ingredients that quickly bond to skin.

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This is a light and easy-to-apply lotion that the whole family can use and has an SPF of 50+ protection. It is water resistant for up to 4 hours and is available in a 500ml pump, 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on. 
We were sent the roll-on which I find fantastic. I can just pop it into my bag and it takes up hardly any space. It is also easy for applying, especially for younger children, as it rolls straight on, simple and easy. 

Toddler Milk
This milk has been designed for the delicate skin of babies and children. It provides an SPF 50 but contains lower levels of substances, which are usually the causes of irritation to children's and babies skin. This cream is water resistant for only 40 minutes but if you have young children then you will probably be applying cream all the time anyway. 
The Toddler Milk is available in a handy 50ml roll-on and a 125ml bottle.

Sunsensitive contains no chemical absorbers and therefore is suitable for very sensitive skin and provides SPF 50+ protection from the sun with 4 hours water resistance. It contains no lanolin or fragrances, again, this is to minimise the risk of irritation to sensitive skin. 
SunSensitive is available in a 100g tube, perfect for squeezing out onto the skin and rubbing in easily. 

Daily Face
This is a soft cream which has an oil-free base and is tinted for a sheer matt finish and can be used as a daily cream instead of using other creams. 
It has a subtle tint to it and is great for my usually oily complexion and the matt finish and oil-free base are ideal for people with combination skin.
Available in a 75g tube which is the perfect size for popping into your bag for an easy top up whilst your out and about.

Each formula is unique and free from PABA derivatives and lanolin, has been dermatologically tested and uses high quality ingredients that quickly 
bond to the skin.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

This has been actually the perfect time to try out the SunSense range as the weather has been scorching. This means that extra precautions have to be taken, especially for the kids, whilst out and about in the sun. 
Each of the creams have a delicate feel and dodn't 'cake' the skin like other sun creams I've used. Even Thomas' super sensitive skin was protected and he had no irritation at all. 

Families love using it too – in a recent survey, parents found SunSense ‘nice to apply’ and ‘easy to rub in, even when applied liberally’, while 100% would recommend the brand to other parents, friends and family

SunSense may be more expensive than the usual creams I'd buy but to be very honest, the quality is better and the fact that I can use it on my kids skin without having any irritation means that it is value for money in my eyes. 

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog
You can purchase SunSense online and instore at various different retailers. 

SunSense can be followed on Twitter and on Facebook.

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


AEG UltraCaptic - First Thoughts

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Now we've had a couple of weeks to get to grips with the AEG UltraCaptic vacuum, I thought I would update you all as to how we have been getting along with it.

Since I love cleaning, this is my ideal review item and getting to grips with it was so simple.
Opening the box, I found the pieces and attached them all together with ease. The instructions aren't exactly what I would call 'detailed' but are good enough to understand what goes where, which bits to use and the drawings point everything out too.

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The vacuum itself is so simple. Two buttons, one is the on/off switch and the other is for retracting the wire. It also has a flick-able switch in the middle which turns the suction high to low.

Obviously, the first thing I did was plug it in and test it out and wow!!! The suction on this beast is immense. It literally stuck to our floor. I was impressed.

But then it got better... Or worse if you're a clean freak like me.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog
The dirt from our rug
It picked up so much dirt and dust from our livingroom carpet that I was actually disgusted with myself. How come it could pick so much up when I vacuum every day. Why wasn't my old vacuum doing it's job. Eurgh! I'm obviously just a dirty slob.

After expecting to see hardly anything go into the vacuum, I was actually stunned that it could pick up so much from our carpet. Just our living room carpet, well actually, not even our whole carpet. The dust and dirt (as shown in the photo on the right) is just from our rug.

To show just how quick the AEG UltraCaptic can pick up, I have done a very short video showing it picking up some popcorn which my sons decided to play with on the floor. Check it out:

Now I know this is only a small video but I though that it would be great to show just how we have got on with it over the first few weeks and how good it picks up.

I hope you come back next week to see how it's got on with cleaning a variety of different surfaces.

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


Winnie the Pooh Competition

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We recently reviewed the Winnie the Pooh toy range from TOMY toys. You can see our review of them all here. Please don't laugh at me if you watch the video! But if you would like to watch said video, please pop over to over review which has it in all its glory.

We loved Cuddle n Glow Pooh, the way he plays lullaby's to sooth children and even snores too. The automatic timer meaning that it will turn itself off after 10 or 20 minutes is a big plus too especially if your child is asleep with it.  

Now, the lovely people from TOMY have let us have the opportunity to give a Cuddle n Glow Pooh away. To enter for a chance to win this cute toy, please follow the Rafflecopter form below.

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