Swings, Slides and Climbing Trees

Bringing up children can be all money, money, money but it doesn't have to be. You don't need to pop to all these fancy play centres that charge a fortune to get into and in the gorgeous summer weather, why would you want to be stuck inside anyway? 

Our local park is a small one but just the right size for the kids. It doesn't get that busy and so many days when Thomas finishes nursery, we will pop up there for a bit and have a play. It's a great place for the boys to run off a bit of their energy and just to have a play.

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With everything we need there to have a good day, it's lots of fun, even mummy gets to have a go! The swing is so much better when mummies on it to make sure we go high, high, higher right up to the sky.

The fact that everything is child friendly makes going to the park a great day out, the children get to run around as much as they like and I can play on the swings read on my Blackberry Playbook whilst they are there. The park has a metal fence around it so he kids can't go wondering off anywhere and are always within a safe distance to me.

For a boy though, what's more fun than getting daddy to help you climb a tree. The best feeling in the world, when you get to a big branch and can stand on top of it looking down to see how far you have come up. 
Having a go on the slide or even just shouting through the railings to friends playing nearby. 

It's great at this time of year to see all the blossom growing on the trees. I like it when there's a little breeze and we get all the blossom falling around us, makes it feel so magical. After explaining to Thomas that when the blossom falls, we get to make wishes, he popped over to the tree to thank it and to make sure it heard his wish.

You know it's summer time when the daffodils are in full bloom and I love the photo of Thomas laid by the side of them. We made sure we were extra special whilst walking near so that we didn't damage any.
Even just rolling down a hill or climbing on huge rocks can be fun when you are 4 year old. 

For us though, this house, the park house, is our ideal place to live. I love it! No one lives there now and it has all been boarded up. Such a shame because it is such a lovely house right on the side of the park and would be perfect for someone to do up and live in, preferably me!

So don't despair in the summer holidays, which we seem to be flying towards, don't worry if you are short on money and don't have any means of travel. Try your local park for fun ways to get out and about.

You can even book small events to go to that are either cheap in cost or free to watch such as the Propaganda Exhibition which is free for children and under 18s. Showing how posters, films, cartoons, sounds and texts are really the state trying to influence us. A full exhibit of different types of media which is definitely going to get the brain ticking.

Kids don't need flashy presents and expensive places to travel to, anyway who wants to be sat in a car for hours on end. They just want to have fun and be outside so make it fun in the sun out at your local park. 


  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun. My niece loves going to the park more than anything. I always have a sneaky go on the swings too!


  2. ooh some great summer tips - we love parks - free and fun and your one even though small looks perfect and it's great it doesn't get too busy. Lovely photos
    Just popping by from Country Kids

    Laura x

  3. It's great when you have a good local park! We love taking advantage of ours and when you use your imagination you can use them in so many different ways! #countrykids

  4. Just realised my comment didn't appear. I love your attitude to the outdoors and I am so with you that outdoor fun can be the best of family times on so little money.

  5. yes indeed, sometimes the best things in life really are free!

  6. Hafsah11:52

    Thank God for local parks! Our local park is beautiful, and has two large play areas, and also has tennis courts and boat rides! Looks like you had a lovely family day out! :D

  7. I love our local park - its just at the end of our street and having no garden its perfect place for the kids to go and play!!

  8. i wish councils would build more parks like this, kids need some freshair and to mix with others, looks like u had fun, even the adults :-P x

  9. All my kids need is a park. We're having a kid over today - just because he wants to climb our trees!

  10. We love the outdoors. If anything my little ones love the park more than playcentres especialy going to feed the ducks :)

  11. My daughter love to go to the park and if we are going there we must to stay at least 2 hours.


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