Building the Tower of Blackpool

When Tots 100 tweeted about an opportunity they had running with Visit Blackpool, I knew I just had to get involved. The premise was, to build a tower. It could be made from anythin and could be any size, it just needed to be based around Blackpool Tower. 

So we set to work building a tower, our version of Blackpool Tower. After having a consultation chat with Thomas, we decided that we would base it on a circus theme. Stripes, slides etc and would make it from cardboard, this is mainly because I had just thrown a huge box outside which had Thomas' trampoline in it. 

We knew that glue would not be strong enough to stick the cardboard together, and I really couldn't be bothered standing to hold it together till it was dry, so we used string to attach the box together. 

After shaping the top of the box and adding extra bits of cardboard onto the bottom, we started to get our shape. To make painting it easier. Thomas and I covered the whole thing in white paper, gluing it all over to make a solid white base. I then drew the slide on and rough stripes that we could follow and the painting commenced. 

Realising that the design looked more like a rocket than a tower, we then sort after more bits to make a top for it, like Blackpool Tower itself. 

2 more boxes were cut up and stacked on top of the tower and then painted. We stuck on crafty bits and wrote the word 'Blackpool' in glitter. After all it is our version of the Blackpool Tower and Blackpool is the home of the glitz.

A flower to make it pretty and a few beads stuck around and the topper was finished. we then set to getting it all put together. 

A few hours work was put into this tower but I must admit that it was so much fun.

So with no further ado, this is, our tower...

This post is an entry into the Tots100/VisitBlackpool competition


  1. aww such a great tower good luck great entry

  2. Aw that is fab xx


  3. Haha that is fantastic!! Best of luck! xx

  4. Thanks all, we are hoping that we do get the chance to go to Blackpool :-)

  5. I don't know what Blackpool is (will need to Google), but that does look like a fun project to do together!

    Visiting from I Love My Post!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  6. Quite fun! I think you guys did a fantastic job!!

  7. Ah bless. It's very nice :O)

  8. Very nice construction!

  9. Aw looks great and he looks so proud :)

  10. so cool - I love blackpool & so do my kids