AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal - Specifications

I love cleaning and so when were sent the AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal to review, I couldn't wait to try it out. 
With powerful cleaning, easier emptying and an HEPA 13 allergy filter, I wanted to know whether it did really pick up better than any other I've used before. 

My first post about the AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal is it's specification. All the things that have been improved or added to make it an exceptional cleaning tool for all flooring types. Even great for allergy sufferers and pet lovers.

Compact & Go
I love this new function, the Compact & Go, whereby you compact the dust before emptying it. This, in turn, is supposed to make disposal easier with no dust floating away in the breeze. When you compact the dust it also means that you have more space and can vacuum longer before needing to empty it.

HEPA 13 Allergy Filtration
This filter catches even the smallest of particles leaving nothing but fresh air. This is a great aspect, especially if someone in the family suffers from allergies. Not only that but the filter is washable.

AeroPro Silent Nozzle
The AeroPro Silent nozzle is made for powerful cleaning of different surfaces and has a powerful suction to ensure quick results. The nozzle has three functions, a crevice nozzle, brush and an upholstery nozzle all in one.

Easy Storage
With both vertical and horizontal storage options and both ways having a stand for the handle, it makes for easy storage which ever way you choose. 

Digital Display
Clear digital LED display which indicates the power setting which is being used from 1 (low power) to 5 (high power).

Over the next few week, I'm going to be trying out every aspect of the AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal and will be posting about how I got on with it, what I liked about it, didn't like about it, how it worked for us and whether it helped us with speed, cleanliness and dust particles. 

I can't wait to start...

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. This sounds really good :)

  2. Michelle Hughes shell_shoez27@yahoo.com10:39

    this sounds great xx

  3. this sounds fantastic going to look into getting one as would be really good in our house i have asthma and we have indoor pets x

  4. Ohhhh...what a fab thing to review! I would have so much fun with that haha (I totally need a life).
    I look forward to seeing how well it works! x

  5. this looks amazing

  6. Good review, I've been looking for a new Hoover and this one looks great. As a pet owner its particularly appealing. Its definitely on the maybe list xx


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