Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, No Hands In The Tub

There are many products that I have loved reviewing over the past year. Some expensive, big and bulky and some small, light and inexpensive. But since it's now been a year that I have been writing this blog, sharing our memories and my thoughts on all the products, I thought I'd write once more about the product that we get most use out of. That is used every day, a few times a day and that I now couldn't live without it.

Our Dishmatic!

Yes, it's a sponge on a stick. But no, it isn't just that. 

I have a phobia (weirdo alert!!!) of dirty water. I hate touching it and don't like putting my hands in the water whilst washing up. For years I have washed up with the tap running, wasting loads of water, so that I didn't need to touch the dirty water from the pots but since finding out about Dishmatic, I now don't need to. 

Dishmatic is a hollowed out tube that you fill with washing up liquid and then slot a sponge on the end. No having to prod my hands into murky water, cringing as I do it as now the sponge easily goes in whilst I keep my hands away from it holding the handle. 

Not only that but other attachments can be added to it instead of a sponge. You can purchase brush heads which are great for scrubbing oven dishes after lazy tired mummy has left the pots overnight and it has all stuck on hard. The steel scourers are fantastic for cleaning out the oven and grill. No more nearly feeding myself to the oven trying to reach right to the back because now the Dishmatic is here to give me extra reach. Then also, depending on what you are cleaning, the sponges come in different varieties. Soft, heavy duty and extra heavy duty which you can swap and change to suit what you are cleaning. 

I know this sounds stupid, but this was one item which I thought I would get bored of using after a while, but I haven't! It makes cleaning so much easier. Even cleaning the pram becomes simple as I don't need loads of accessories to do the job, just different attachments to clean each bit. 

You can check out my fist review of the dishmatic here which I wrote last August.

The only one thing I am gutted about is getting replacement attachments. Yes, you can buy them all over but with having little children, long journeys to the big supermarkets can get hectic so we don't do them that often. We will usually go to our local small ASDA which, yes, does sell (sometimes) the white soft sponges but none of the others and so when we do venture to the superstores we have to stock up. This can be hard when on a budget and having screams kids wanting sweets and treats.

I wish I had a never ending supply of the attachments so I can just easily get on with my cleaning with my one item wonder. The soft sponges and heavy duty ones, the scourers are all items I use everyday and I hate it when we run out and I have to go back to an old fashioned regular sponge.

What is the one item you couldn't live without? Have you tried Dishmatic? If not, why not?


  1. angela hamilton20:11

    ooooo mines got all yucky..i need to get me another one. i love these!!!!

  2. have you not heard of the other great invention - rubber gloves.....
    or do what I do and leave them for OH, why have a dog and bark yourself as they say

  3. Love my dishmatic dnt know what I did without it!

  4. I love mine too! Wouldn't be without it